Fuel Script V Mod 1.0.3

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Fuel Script V 1.0 by Sakis25
The first fuel mod for GTA V!


If you where using any previous versions please delete the "FuelScriptV.lua" from the "scripts\addins\" folder. It's incompatible and might cause conflicts.

  • Fuel bar above the minimap (position can be customized)
  • Engine stops if you run out of fuel
  • Working interior fuel gauge
  • Damaging the car's petrol tank affects consumption
  • Blips with petrol stations on map
  • To refill the gas tank stop the car near a petrol station and sound the horn
  • You can also refill your car using the jerry can (hold displayed button near vehicle left side)
  • Animations while refilling with the jerry can
  • Adjustable consumption speed
  • Car fuel is stored for the last 32 vehicles
  • When you run low on gas the fuel bar turns red
  • Controller support

- Completely rewritten the code from scratch. New version features many new additions mentioned above while keeping the simplicity that made this mod popular.
- Feel free to report any bugs in the comments

- CONSUMPTION MULTIPLIER is now working again. You can customize it from the FuelScript.ini.
- Improved fuel consumption

Edit the FuelScript.ini to adjust the settings to your preferred values.

Place FuelScript.dll and FuelScript.ini into your "scripts" folder.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

Known Issues:
Consumption speed is fps dependent, so if your game runs at 60fps it consumes fuel at normal speed, if you have more fps it will consume faster, that's why you can edit the included ini file to adjust the CONSUMPTION MULTIPLIER and set it to lower values.
I'm working on an update to address this issue.

Special Thanks:
- haws1290
- Daxwolf
- faztsquirrel
- headscript
- 80T

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