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Your character has the capability to apprehend a passerby or move a lifeless body. The in-game environment dynamically responds to your criminal actions.

You possess several options regarding the hostage, including stunning them, shooting, tossing them over a fence, attaching an explosive device for control, and subsequently detonating the bomb in a specified location. Additionally, you have the ability to fine-tune the hostage's health and armor parameters, influencing their resilience in the midst of a shootout.

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Missions Peds are hard locked for capture.

Settings in the .ini file.

!!!_Important_!!! For saving weapon between switching you need download mod PlayerCompanion

Default Settings :
Y - Grab/ Released,
K - Attaching bomb / Switching Ped to Player.
U - Enable/Disable bomb
J holdbutton - Prepare bomb and watching Ped movement
J released - Explosion / Defuse bomb and released Hostage
Attack1 - Shoot Hostage
meleeAttak2 - Knock Down Hostage
meleeAttak1 - Throwing Hostage
V - Crouching with Hostage
Space - Turning Hostage Face to Face
MeleeAttak2 holdbutton - Prepare throwing direction
Attack1 - Front throwing body
MeleeAttak2 - Back throwing body
Ped Dead Body/ Knock Down
A - Drag / Released
V - PickUp Body / Putdown
Aim holdbutton - Prepare throwing direction
Attack1 - Throwing body

1. Download and open archive
2. Copy all files to your scripts folder (if you don't have a scripts folder, create it in your GTA V Game folder)
3. Download and install PlayerCompanion

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.4.1

- Melee movement fixed.
- Throwing force improve.
- Ragdoll issue fixed
- Other small issues.

Controller support(configuration in .ini file)
Key - Attaching bomb / Switching Ped to Player now can be configured in .ini file
Different styled poses how hostage being holded when Player stop moving (configuration in .ini file)
Added small improvements
Now Hostage save you from explosion
Added new holding animation for male ped
Fixed Crouch and cover moving
Fixed others issue

Fixed Position Hostage/Player when they are Switching posses (They are stay in correct places)
Added in .ini Settings WantedLevelPlayerEqualsHostage True ( Hostage has a same WantedLevel as Player) / False (Hostage and a Player has own WantedLeveles)
Default is WantedLevelPlayerEqualsHostage = False;

Keeping WantedLevel when you switching Player to Hostage and back
Added in .ini Settings SetPlayer/Ped_Invincible_in_SwitchProcess True/False now your PedCopy while protected from death (Keep this options to true it protected from script issue);

Added in .ini Settings Player_Can_Damage_Hostage when holding his;
Fixed speed limit when holding Hostage off;
circle random holding animation now work every time when you grab Hostage (before was when Character stopping holding animation changing);
Clear debug subtitles;
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