Lamar's Custom Classics Business mod 1.5


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this mod adds a new business into the singleplayer campaign, based on content from the GTAO lowriders, and stunt race update, and things from other games


Speed Trap
Drive through a waypoint and try to beet the set speed

Lowrider recovery
Recover a lowrider of the streets of LS

deliver a bunch of vehicle to a location, but damaging the cab, or trailer, degrades the payout

Take on a overly powerful racer, their cars are upgraded to the limit, but dont be fooled by the car they drive, their cars engine power has been increased dramatically, it will take everything you have got to beet some of these guys

Time trial
Get to the finish line before the time runs out

Compete in a race with 3 other races

install NativeUI and Scripthookvdotnet
Drop the dll and the Folder into the scripts folder
added Horting Circuit to races (10 laps with 3 opponents)
fixed Long hual mission truck spawning on a fire hydrant, casuing damage, moved vehicle to behind simeons PDM

added Special missions
added "the third Millennium" Special Mission (idea from 2B)
added "Pimped Yosemite" Special Mission (idea from 2B)
added Hotting Circuit to Timetrials (10 laps in 260 seconds!)
reWritten a bunch of code
bugs fixed
fixed some buggs
added Brexit and Crossbones to RIvals Races
fixed issue with Infinite Ui notify
initial release
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