GTA:SA Police Bribes 1.0 (FINAL)

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Do you remember how we got rid of cops in GTA:SA? Yes, I show you the same thing here in GTA V!

What is it?
It's a mod that brings to HD era the Police Bribes from older GTA versions. When you get through a checkpoint your wanted level will be reduced by one or five.

Developed by Paulo Henrique Kava de Souza, aka PhK.

  • Requirements:
    Latest ScriptHookV version;
    GTA V in latest version.

    Put the RemoveCopsGTASA.asi in your GTA V folder;
    Put the RemoveCopsGTASA.ini in your GTA V folder;
    FOR MORE INFOS READ readme.txt.

    Just play, the script will auto activate by itself;

    1.0 (FINAL):
    The bribes now have the dollar sign;
    The bribes now are yellow;
    Five new police bribes were added around the map;
    The mod will not be update anymore from now.
    Minor bugs fixed;
    Five new police bribes was added around the map.
    Mod's title changed to 'GTA:SA Police Bribes' (thanks for @Fan of Saints).
    Now the blips and checkpoints are removed properly;
    Added a sound when you pass through a checkpoint.
    Script release.

    Known issues:
    There are no issues reported. :)

    Bugs or suggestions:
    • Report on the comments field or
    • Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PhK2012/
    • Skype: paulotw2011

    P.s: Sorry for my bad english.

    Brasil 2017
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