Missions with aliens from GTA Online 1.0

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The script adds two missions with aliens from GTA Online.

In the first mission on behalf of the Omega you need to come to Fort Zancudo, sneak into a military hangar and collect there all the parts from the spaceship. In the hangar you will see a real ship with aliens, it will be guarded by experienced fighters from MerryWeather.
This mission is almost exactly the same as the new Business Battle, added to GTA Online with the update of Los Santos Summer Special.

In the second mission, the ship with the aliens fell into a swamp near Fort Zankudo. Omega will ask you to study the wreckage and assemble parts of the spaceship. This time in your way will not be the military, and the aliens. Periodically, they will appear near you and use the stun gun. It does almost no damage (only if you do not start to electrocute in the water), but these attacks will make it very difficult to find the necessary wreckage.
This mission was partly copied from a secret mission with an egg, which must be delivered to the bunker at the request of Agent 14. The plot of this mission was slightly modified, and the passage of this mission is more complicated.

Missions are available only to Franklin!

Both missions fall out in random order. In one session you can pass only one of the two missions. In case of failure of the task you need to reboot the game to get a message from Omega. Mission with the fall of the spaceship is only available at night. Mission with the theft of parts of the spaceship in the hangar is available at any time of day.

You can choose the subtitle language in AlienInvasion.ini ("lang" line):
1 - English
2 - Russian

Install: move all files to the Scripts folder.
Requirements: Script Hook V .NET
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