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This mod lets you deliver pizzas to hungry customers like in GTA Vice City. All you need to do is find a Pizza This store (marked with a dark green P on the map) and get in the marker, you'll be given a bike and some pizza boxes to deliver.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

JOBTOGGLEKEY: The control to take/cancel the pizza delivery job, default is INPUT_CELLPHONE_SELECT. (controls list)
THROWLKEY: The control to throw a pizza box to your left, default is INPUT_CELLPHONE_LEFT. (controls list)
THROWRKEY: The key to throw a pizza box to your right, default is INPUT_CELLPHONE_RIGHT. (controls list)
VEHMODEL: Model of the vehicle you'll get to deliver pizzas, default is Faggio2. (vehicle model list)
CUSTOMERMARKERS: Toggles drawing a green marker above hungry customers, default is True.
JOBSECONDS: Seconds you get to complete all your orders, default is 300. (5 minutes)
MAXCUSTOMERS: Maximum amount of customers you can get at once, default is 10.
BOXCOUNT: The amount of boxes you get to deliver, default is 5.
REWARDBASE: Minimum reward for delivering a pizza, default is 10.
REWARDMAX: Maximum reward for delivering a pizza, default is 30.
LANGUAGE: File name of the language you want, only en is available at the moment.

Language Support
This mod loads its texts from an XML file which means you can easily add other languages. Only English language is supported at the moment but you can always contribute to the langfiles branch.

Just download & place a langName.xml file to your "GTAV folder/scripts/pizzaboy/lang" folder and set LANGUAGE config to langName. All texts will be in that language after you restart the script, unless LANGUAGE value is changed or langName.xml is somehow lost.

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET (and its requirements)

* Replaced keys with game controls to support controllers and make the help texts look nicer.

If you're not happy with the new default controls: here's a list of game controls. Put the control index to the setting you want to change, for example if you want to toggle the job with E instead of Enter, set JOBTOGGLEKEY's value to 51.

Source code is available on GitHub.

Happy delivering!
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