Realistic Jet Engines 1.0

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Simple mod designed to add a physical 'jet- blast' effect to aircraft engines, among other things

The mod works by adding a physical ‘jet- blast’ or ‘prop- wash’ effect to planes, in an attempt to make the experience with aircraft a little more realistic. It applies a wind force to AI, vehicles and objects when they come in the path of the engines. Much like in real life. The scale of the force is controlled dynamically by the throttle (player) making the functionality blend seamlessly with the mechanics already present in the base game.

Main Features
  • Physical forces relative to engine throttle/ thrust output
  • Reverse thrust detection
  • Engine throttle exhaust effect
  • Handbrake function for aircraft

As you might imagine, this can make for some pretty interesting scenarios playing out around the airport. It adds some character to plane heists and police chases, like in the campaign mission where there was a scripted version of the same effect.

The script itself is very lightweight and was designed with performance in mind. It is intended to be future- proof and fully backwards compatible with any game version greater than v1.0.350.1.

If you do run into errors or other issues, kindly leave a comment describing the problem in detail, so I can follow the best possible measures to assist you.

This script was made in response to a request by user TheSigui (Sorry it took so long, friend)

  • Coming up with the idea
  • Screenshots
  • Moral support

Prerequesites/ Additional Requirements

Installation Steps
  • Drag Jetblast.DLL and Jetblast.INI to your scripts folder, located in the base game directory
  • Adjust the .INI file as needed
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