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SimpleHUD is script modification for your game displaying player's current location, as well as a compass and the time.



  • Postal System
  • Speed Limit
  • Time
  • County
  • Cardinal Direction
  • Customize Menu
  • Custom INI
  • Road Name
  • Integration with Future Mods



    - LemonUI
    - ScriptHookV
    - ScriptHookVDotNet

    To install this script, the .dll file must be placed in a "scripts" folder.
    This folder can be reached by going to the Grand Theft Auto V directory and placing the .dll file in the "scripts" folder.
    If this scripts folder does not exist, then you can simply create it.


    I would be happy to receive feedback. If there are any Bugs, please let me know!

    "Radar Zoom" for GTA V by LizNet

    [1.1.9] - 03/10/2024
    - Resolved an issue where the HUD would occasionally disappear unexpectedly.
    - Introducing more customization options with the addition of CountyPosX, CountyPosY, CountyPosX_RadarLrg, CountyPosY_RadarLrg, and CountyScale within the [COUNTY] INI settings.
    - Enhanced clarity with the inclusion of PostalCompact within the [POSTAL] INI Setting.
    - Introduction of aopMap.json, located in SimpleHUD/data/maps, made by Armouredivision.
    - Streamlined settings organization by adding an [AOP] section above the [ZONE] INI.
    - Unveiling the new Area of Play (AOP) feature above the Postal System, enriching your gameplay experience. (Currently disabled by default)

    Important Note: This update does not require any OIV changes. Simply replace your DLL, add the new aopMap file, and integrate the new INI settings to enjoy the latest enhancements seamlessly.

    [1.1.8] - 03/3/2024

  • LemonUI UpgradeUpgraded LemonUI from version 1.10 to 2.0 for enhanced functionality and smoother user experience.

  • Font Customization:Introduced new options in the configuration file (ini) including DirectionFont, RoadFont, PostalFont, and TimeFont, allowing users to personalize the fonts according to their preferences.

  • Text Customization: Expanded customization options with the addition of DirectionText and PostalText ini settings.

  • Improved Speed Limit Display: Reverted the Speed Limit font to default and optimized its positioning for better visibility.

  • High-Speed Alert: Introduced HighSpeedAlertAudio ini option under the [LIMIT] section to provide audible alerts for exceeding speed limits.

  • Notification Management: Added NotificationTimeout ini option under the [NOTIFICATIONS] section for more control over the display duration of notifications
  • Enhanced User Experience: Resolved issues to ensure that text elements are not displayed during cutscenes, enhancing immersion.

  • Enhanced Subtitle Support:: Upgrade to the latest SimpleHUD.oiv, now replacing frontend.xml for enhanced subtitle support.

  • Streamlined Installation: Simplify your installation process with the renaming of SimpleHUD.oiv to "part one installer," ensuring clarity and ease. Remember, part two is optional but recommended for additional font support.

    [1.1.6] - 12/12/2023
  • Fixed Speed Limit Appearing In Aircrafts & Boats
  • Fixed Speed Limit 15 Being Off Centered

  • Postal Map
  • Removed Watermark
  • Added Uninstaller

  • [1.1.5] - 11/16/2023
  • Changed simplehud.ytd to simplemenu.ytd for SimpleCTRL support.
  • Code cleaned up and optimized.
  • Menu reworked to only support SimpleHUD.
  • Removed the near feature (may return in the future).
  • Added "show only in vehicle" option for location display (under [GENERAL] section).
  • Entire display now hides when radar is hidden.
  • Expanded radar settings, including direction, postal, time, and radar size (configurable in the INI).
  • Added notification for update check.
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