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Nothing crazy, just a little script that let you enable/disable the player special abilities and the ability bar.

Disable the characters abilities.
Hide the ability when playing as a character without a special ability (or do it manually whenever you want with any character you want).
Also, if the bar is hidden and you enter/drive a vehicle with an ability (jump, boost, etc.), the bar will be displayed again (and it will be hidden again when out).

Note: If you use the Character Swap script set "Manual Toggle" to true in "SpecialAbilities.ini".
Note 2: if you use the Simple Native Trainer and enable the vehicle nitro option, then there might be conflict for the ability bar between the two mods.

Script Hook V .NET.

Move "SpecialAbilities.cs" and "SpecialAbilities.ini" in the "scripts" folder.
Edit "SpecialAbilities.ini" to configure the script.

Alt tabbing to the desktop (if playing in full screen) or changing a graphic setting (specifically any one that makes the screen refresh) will make the bar display again if it's currently hidden.
To fix this, change the character back to Michael, Franklin or Trevor and then back to the desired character. If the "Manual Toggle" setting is active, then simply press the activation key(s) two times.

Special Thanks
alloc8or for the Native DB.

Rewrote the script (also updated the ini, so make sure to copy it too).
Changed native function (from "_SET_PLAYER_IS_IN_DIRECTOR_MODE" to "_SET_ABILITY_BAR_VISIBILITY_IN_MULTIPLAYER") so now the character name and money, date and time are visibile in the pause menu when the bar is hidden.
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