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    @ikt Could you put autoload option for every time we get into a vehicle ? You already have it for specific cars, so can you give the option for a general config that applies to every car we get into.

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    @PermissionToLand Hey bro I changed the suspension force, comp damp and rebound damp of all cars to 3.0, 1.0, 7.0 respectively. It works without any crashing till now.

    I used notepad++ and a regex generator website. Just pasted the particular command on the website, copied the result, and used the 'find and replace' feature of notepad++. In order to find and replace them all use \d

    For e.g <fSuspensionForce value="3\.0" /> , replace the 3 and 0 with \d. You may need to sometimes enter \d twice after the decimal. Try it out it's a pretty good shortcut

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    @ikt bro could you add a feature to load a saved config to any car that you sit in automatically ? we have to open menu then go load a saved profile and then respawn everytime we sit in a different car. Can you add something so that the mod loads up a set cofig automatically when we sit in any car ?

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    @FattyJoeMan its not compiling properly. I tried changing the values for the main character cars using this and I found out you can't start certain cars. The player sits in it and keeps on trying to start the ignition, but it never starts. Be it spawned by mod or taken from NPCs.

    Canis Mesa, Albany Emperor, Dundeary Regina are the examples.

    I did the same thing using notepad++ and there is no such glitch. It'll be swell if you were able to fix that thanks.

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    @PermissionToLand yup you are spot on I just went to double check after seeing this. I used https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtav-handling-editor. Its probably broken and can't compile properly. I used notepad++ to only change the values for the bodhi, tailgate and buffalo and it work without glitching the specific cars.

    But I ran into another problem. I do not know how to use notepad++ to find say <fDriveInertia value="0.5" />

    So I don't know how to find every instance of that command to replace their values to "2" because that command has different values for each car and notepad++ find and replace won't find out the commands that dont have the values 0.5

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    @PermissionToLand hey I ran into a glitch. I tried to take the easy way out and decided to change the suspension settings of all cars at once so I didn't have to do them individually. I didn't really expect it to work but it did and all cars seem to absorb curbs and uneven terrain really good.

    However, the problem is that certain cars don't start. The player sits in it and keeps on trying to start the ignition, but it never starts. Be it spawned by mod or taken from NPCs. Canis Mesa, Albany Emperor, Dundeary Regina are the examples.

    The suspension settings I changed are Suspension Force (2.50), Comp Damp (1), Rebound Damp (10).

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    @PermissionToLand ah that makes sense. Yup haha if I think about it that really isn't a small request lol. But thanks anyway man I'm still using this mod as its literally the most fun and yea sure that tip about only changing for the story mission cars makes sens rather than take the long way. All the best have a blast of a life bro 🍻

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    @ikt hey bro thanks for taking the time to make this for the community. Bro one suggestion, can you add a feature to set a universal config so that every time we get into a car that chosen gear ratios get applied. All the save ratio features that you have are car specific. It'd be good to have a universal so that I don't have to open the menu every single time I sit in a different car

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    @PermissionToLand first of all this really is the most in-depth and detailed driving mod for gta v and those with a little bit of knowledge about that handling.meta commands would realize how much work you put in. Thanks for all those hours just to give this to the player base to have fun.

    I just would like to leave a small request. I was trying to use mods whilst still playing the story and that first mission by trevor where he chases those lost mc van.........i got really sweaty palms lol and had to retry. Pretty sure all chase missions in the story will be super hard to do. I really want your realism but could you leave out the driving and traction part of it and give us a suspension mod ? I just love the way the cars absorve bumps, it makes it so realistic.