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    @mcal9909 Wrong and wow. NativeUI.dll is installed correctly. What should be so hard to insert 2 files? The problem is only with his script. As soon as I disable his script, I do not have the problem and I have no error message.

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    @Fady66 I would quite like to try the script with my created character from LSPDFR. I use RPH and the character editor from LSPDFR, which uses the well-known online character editor.

  • 51d33e 57707

    Unfortunately, it still does not work.

    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading scripts from E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts ...
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Successfully compiled SPMinimap.cs.
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in SPMinimap.cs resolved to API 2.10.14.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading assembly BCC.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in BCC.dll resolved to API 2.10.14.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading assembly closestdoor.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in closestdoor.dll resolved to API 2.10.14.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading assembly DeliveryV.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in DeliveryV.dll resolved to API 2.10.14.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Loading assembly FreecamV.dll ...
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in FreecamV.dll resolved to API 3.1.0.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Instantiating script BCCScript.Main ...
    [12:39:38] [INFO] Started script BCCScript.Main.
    [12:39:38] [DEBUG] Instantiating script ClickDoors.ClickDoors ...
    [12:39:39] [INFO] Started script ClickDoors.ClickDoors.
    [12:39:39] [DEBUG] Instantiating script DeliveryV.Main ...
    [12:39:39] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script DeliveryV.Main because constructor threw an exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'NativeUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
    File name: 'NativeUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'
    at DeliveryV.Main..ctor()

    WRN: Protokollierung der Assemblybindung ist AUS.
    Sie können die Protokollierung der Assemblybindungsfehler aktivieren, indem Sie den Registrierungswert [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) auf 1 festlegen.
    Hinweis: Die Protokollierung der Assemblybindungsfehler führt zu einer gewissen Leistungseinbuße.
    Sie können dieses Feature deaktivieren, indem Sie den Registrierungswert [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] entfernen.

    [12:39:39] [DEBUG] Instantiating script FreecamV.Main ...
    [12:39:39] [INFO] Started script FreecamV.Main.
    [12:39:39] [DEBUG] Instantiating script SPMinimap.Main ...
    [12:39:39] [INFO] Started script SPMinimap.Main.

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  • 51d33e 57707

    @Fady66 Thank you very much! Are there actually also very long driving distances or only short?

  • 51d33e 57707

    @Phantom_ Yes.. same here >_>
    Exactly what @Phantom_ wrote could have been taken into account.

  • 51d33e 57707

    Wow! Two months later and you still can't play with a custom character? Can you please change that? I would like to test it with my female LSPDFR character. So support for freemode chars.

  • 51d33e 57707

    One floating texture? The game is full of them^^ So I would almost say that it is almost impossible to fix this. The whole map of GTA5 is full of them

  • 51d33e 57707

    I found a solid yellow line that blurs strangely when you move away from it.

    Screenshot: 1

    Screenshot: 2


    If you stand or drive very close to it, the line becomes straight again.

  • 51d33e 57707


    Sorry again :( Maybe make it a little brighter if possible. Where you see the difference best is with the Carbinerifle and the Carbinerifle_mk2. With the mk2 variant the muzzleflash is a little less and with the normal one brighter^^ I don't know how to describe it well. Thanks for that you have really revised all weapons!^^ I like that very much. I don't like these mods that always change only certain things and leave the rest on vanilla.

  • 51d33e 57707

    I was able to solve the problem. Why it was constantly crashing for me was because I added all the weapons for the first time via the trainer. Then when I wanted to test all weapons, the game crashed and I thought all the time that it was because of your config. If you do the same in combination with LSPDFR, it crashes right at the first or second shot. In fact this is a known problem and in my community some tested this and they had the same crash. So with your mod everything is fine! Only one thing I would like is that the muzzle flash looks a little better.