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  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    @Masked With "realistic" in the title, the last thing I expected to read was that this mod adds 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 grip. GTA V's stock handling already gives cars a ridiculous, unrealistic amount of grip. You can go from 100 mph to 0 in 2 seconds and corner at 60 like you're only doing 20.

    Also, I tried the mod that hossam posted. The one you said made braking and sharp turning almost impossible. That's not true. It works great for me. It makes it 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 more realistic but removing some of the excessive grip R* put in this game.

    TL;DR, my only issue with this mod is the use of "realistic" in the title. It is anything but.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    I forgot to mention that I'm also having issues with the vehicle save/load feature. It will load fine most of the time, but other times it will load the vehicle model, but it will be the stock version, without my settings.

    I copy/pasted my saved vehicles and outfits from my older ini file. But I saved a random car first, to see where the saved data was placed in the new ini before I did so. So it should be in the right spot. I saw "-fixed problems with vehicle load/save menu" listed in version 13.5 though. Did the data storage method change?

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    Is anyone else having trouble with vehicle components? When I go into the vehicle mod menu, I can only remove components from a vehicle when I press numpad5 on each number. I cannot add them back once they're gone.

    I've never had this problem before. It only started when I installed the new version. I even went through the painstaking process of redoing all of my preferred settings into the new ini file since mine was a year old.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    @chaaandree You need to open the trainerv.ini file that came with the mod. Once you do, scroll down till you see "//EXPLANATION AND LIST OF KEYCODES//". That will tell you how to disable them or change them to your own preferred keys.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    Thanks for the suggestion @Croft_Spell. Changing the teleport modifier key to a button fixed it. The ini files says to set options to 0 if you don't want to use them, so this still seems like a bug that needs addressing. I'm happy for the workaround though.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    @TrooperCorentin Look here, buddy. Just because I wrote a long comment before I had all the info doesn't mean I'm dumb. It just means my comment was dumb.

    Yeah, I jumped the gun on that one. My bad. I didn't realize this was a replace. Assumed it was an addon, with a vehicles.meta with no LODs.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    @TrooperCorentin "nope I never LOD my vehicles as you can do it in the vehicles.meta"

    What are you saying here? That if we want LODs, we can do it ourselves? 90% of people downloading your mod won't know how to do that. I just googled it extensively, to see if that was in fact what you meant, and after a solid 10 minutes of searching, only managed to find one informative post by @ReNNie in the forums that explains it.

    LODs are a big part of the quality factor a vehicle mod has. Having wheels and textures disappear in the distance ruins that car. At least for me, but I'm sure for a lot of others too. If you know what it is, and how to do it, it doesn't make sense to me why you wouldn't.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod
  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    This thing looks good @marko_1555 x
    On an unrelated note, I'm really digging the hat and headset combo shown in a couple of the screenshots. Any idea where I can find it? I checked out Hanako's files here and on LCPDFR's website, but it's not on either one.

  • Bd5159 pissonwalkingsteamod

    I've tried damn near all the handling mods this site has to offer, and this one is definitely one of my favorites. It is very similar to GTA IV's handling, which I loved. And it pairs nicely with LSPDFR and Eddlm's Hollywood Rollover script.

    The only thing I haven't liked is the blue tint the police vehicles have. But I was able to fix that for myself by comparing your carvariations.ymt to the original file and changing the paint values back to stock for the police vehicles.

    Awesome work dude! I really appreciate the effort you put into this.