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  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    @d3monix Yup I am running into same issue. Seems it won't stick and it automatically resets defaults. This is annoying and not fun.

  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    Okay changed my rating to much higher than 1 star due to fixing the performance issues on both the setup and actual physical program. I still will rate it 3 1/2 star b/c I really do want to be able to install this program anywhere I want to and not in the designated AppData folder.

    It's very uneasy for me to have a program running solely from Appdata folder and usually requires admin privilages sometimes. Appdata folder by default is a hidden folder location as well which is known for Bitcoin miners getting installed in that location. So please give us the ability to install in any other location please.

    17 Вересня 2017
  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    The one cheat I tried was to change Stats on Michael, Franklin, and Trevor but they don't change. They revert back immediately.

    07 Вересня 2017
  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    Okay figured it out. If you don't run this program as Administrator it goes piss slow. This needs to be fixed asap. Shouldn't have this issue. If it was installed in a regular directory and not in freaking appdata it shouldn't be an issue. What happened to the old version that I could install in Downloads folder or in any other folder.

    I will rate this as 1 star until this issue is fixed and I can install in the location I want. As of right now the program literally locks up and freezes b/c it's located in Appdata folder and your not allowed to install it in any other location. Until this is fixed and allowed I will keep this at 1 star no matter how necessary this mod is.

    06 Вересня 2017
  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    @Quentin-Tarantino Yes I will go ahead. I have stayed away from GTA 5 modding community :).

    10 Березня 2016
  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    Contacted you recently with new Skype due to another serious IRL issue that I already messaged you about.

    This by far the one of the best Timecycle's and like many others I am waiting patiently for updated one. Between you, CP, and Mkeezy you guys are truly the best in modding timecycle's and keep up the insane amount of work and dedication that you have been doing since day 1. :)

  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    @Quentin-Tarantino Hey do you have Skype or Steam or whatever I can contact you at? I would love to show you some cool stuff that I recently did with ReShade :)

  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    Did you download both ReShade and ENB from respective sites that I linked? That is how you should download it and please read the directions. By default you should change any of the files changed. No Renaming should be done with either files.

    Try the troubleshooting from the text file that comes with this mod. It has different ways to setup Reshade for GTA V. If you never get it to work fully then I am sorry I can't help you. It's a known issue that on some PC's that Reshade and ENB won't work together ever in combination in this game. There have been unlucky people with this incompatibility.

  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    @sjaak327 Thank you man I appreciate it. Oh man so many Cutscenes I can use to record and stuff. :) Any kind of way to know what is what cutscene? I know it's using the filename in game but sometimes it's a bit vague.

  • 51daa7 batman  arkham origins 60093

    From my understanding this trainer allows one to view Cutscenes right? If so I have definitely have to use it to record cutscenes in the game and make an excellent video with them.

    This is by far one of the best trainers for what it has and all its great features are just major plus.