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  • 940652 badcutt

    @PermissionToLand On the note of thinner traffic, I noticed every now n then a dlc vehicle parked around, while i never had any mods that changed traffic to spawn dlc vehicles in any way beforehand. Why I think this is relevant is just straight speculation, but maybe theres something to do with the game wanting to spawn dlc vehicles in the traffic, yet the game also wont allow them to actually spawn therefore leaving the traffic empty where there would be otherwise dlc vehicle traffic? Part of my reasoning that the game prevents spawning here is that when I quicksave while in a dlc vehicle (spawned with simple trainer, which probably runs something to keep spawned vehicles), then later load that savegame without simple trainer or any mods, the vehicle I left off in will despawn after about a second. I have no idea why dlc vehicles try to spawn in the first place though, possible you accidentally left something WOV related/something for WOV compatibility in the main install. Again this is just speculation but I think it just might possibly point to something. Anyways you did an amazing job on the mod itself

    18 Листопада 2021
  • 940652 badcutt

    @Artupaky01 Back in September I went around editing the weaponhominglauncher.meta and was able to increase the speed under "launchspeed" and "speed", and I could increase the range under "lockonrange" and "weaponrange", I also changed "lifetime" up to 30s and increased "timebeforehoming". I still haven't figured out how to improve the missile's homing capabilities because now it goes too fast for the tracking to have enough time to correct the angle, so now it will only hit very far, slow aircraft and aircraft that isn't going left or right.

  • 940652 badcutt
  • 940652 badcutt

    Did a lil quick fix, if anyone else is looking to get rid of the light blue tint, my way was to:
    -extract the textures from the ytd files with openiv into dds images
    -then open the images with gimp, go to color temperature and set it to subtract (only open/edit the actual textures, not the normal maps or the spec)
    -set the color temperature to 6200 and the opacity to 75
    -extract or replace the original image file
    -repeat for all the textures you're changing
    It makes it a bit dark but it does the job

  • 940652 badcutt

    The models great, been lookin for a .45 hk pistol that can replace the heavy pistol. Cant get behind the blue tint on it though

  • 940652 badcutt
  • 940652 badcutt

    Im sure there was a reason to make it for the carbine mk2 but it would still be real nice it if there could be a smg mk2 version

  • 940652 badcutt

    The premise is great and makes the game more fun and alive though I have a small problem with the popcycle having a bit too many cops and especially making it so that theres tons of police spawning around during 1 and 2 star chases.
    A larger problem is that when a cop pursues you they seem to basically have heatseeking on you to the point that even after going through a million alleys far from their sight they still trace your exact path or even go ahead of you. I even saw a pursuing car teleport from the air and drop down on the road next to me after I made a large amount of space between us. It makes it kind of hard to want to keep the script enabled though the core feature is still too good to want to remove it. Everything else is more or less perfect, its just that main issue that makes it a bit rough.

    30 Вересня 2021
  • 940652 badcutt

    @Artupaky01 Sorry for the late response. Until recently I always only had a couple mods running, the only one that had muzzle effects being RGS. Right now for graphics I use VisualV + Realistic Lighting V, and for weapon effects I only use your mod (with RGS). As far as favorite effects go I think the RPG and sawed off shotgun, and musket have the most fitting effects and amount of smoke, though the musket and sawed off shotgun has the same problem as all the other guns where the smoke should blow faster and more forwards instead of towards the sides. Almost all weapons especially the weapons with longer barrels like the rifles and machine guns should have much less smoke and smoke that propels out of the barrel faster as well as less flash that also propels forward instead of outward.
    A good reference point for weapon effects (aside from real life) would be Insurgency Sandstorm and especially Squad since the smoke builds up if you fire more as if the weapon is heating up (I'm not sure if this is possible in GTA5 but it might be possible to get something that looks similar by playing around with smoke duration).
    I also want to add an extra suggestion for the homing launcher to have longer lock-on range (3.8km if you want to make it like real life or less if you want to make it suitable for the map's scale) and to have faster rocket speed (up to about 3x the RPG's projectile speed).
    Either way you're doing great on the mod and it's nice that you're actively improving it

    27 Вересня 2021
  • 940652 badcutt

    Exactly what i was lookin for

    24 Вересня 2021