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Pull Me Over is a continuation of sorbas's famous Pull Me Over mod, with permission.

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Patrolling cop cars will attempt to pull you over to give a ticket if they see you doing the following:
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Drifting
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Driving a heavily damaged vehicle
  • Driving against traffic
  • Colliding
  • Running a red light
  • Doing a wheelie/stoppie
  • Driving without a helmet
  • Driving on sidewalk
  • Running a stop sign

You may be ticketed for multiple violations. No wanted level gained unless you don't comply with cops or go extremely fast (configurable in INI). What happens after you get wanted is not subject to this script.

Getting pulled over driving a stolen vehicle will result in the police arresting you on the spot.

Now includes Cops on Patrol, a custom popcycle.dat and popgroups.ymt to spawn police cars and police peds into the world. Carefully balanced based on population, crime, and area. Sheriff patrol outside Los Santos, areas with gangs have less police and little to no foot patrols. Only a few spots in all of map don't spawn any police.

-ENABLED = Is script enabled
-KEY = Key to HOLD DOWN to disable/enable script. Shift + Key to check your record and Ctrl + Key to open HUD settings.
-RANGE = How far cops can see in meters. Some violations such as using a mobile phone have a fixed range.
-CAN BE REPORTED = Cops on foot can report violations to any available cop car nearby.
-MAX = Number of violations which will result to license suspension
-MINUTES = Minutes after which any charge will clear. Real world minutes
-POLICE CAR BLIPS = Show police car blips on radar
-ALLOW CHANGING PURSUING COP CAR = If the pursuing cop car gets left too far behind, any available cop nearby will continue chasing
-LICENSE SUSPENSION = If you don't want your vehicle to be seized set this to false
-LIGHTS ON WHEN NEAR = Should cop cars put their lights on when they start coming after you or when they get near you.
-UNIT = kmh or mph


  • Not compatible with Drag Meets from Eddlm

  1. "PullMeOver.dll", "PullMeOver.pdb", "PullMeOver.ini" go in your GTAV scripts folder. If you don't have one create one.
  2. "PullMeOver" folder goes in your GTAV scripts folder.
  3. "Cops on Patrol" requires OpenIV installed, open and install using the "Mods" folder option

  • Can no longer be pulled over while riding a bicycle
  • Now possible to be pulled over by FIB
  • Included Cops on Patrol
  • Added .pdb file for enhanced debugging
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make the mod not work
  • Enabled experimental stolen vehicle feature
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