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  • C3a3e8 upperass

    @metroidguy Ah, I see. That makes sense. Glad to hear the PKM is coming soon! Also, glad to give you stars, you do excellent work.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    Every single animated MG we've gotten replaces the Combat MG. It would be nice if the Regular MG got some love, that weapon has sat unplaced in my game for some time now, since my Luxe Combat MG is the M249 and the regular Combat MG is the Ares Shrike 5.56. I don't like installing Addon weapons, I'd rather just replace, but I can't because I still want to keep the other MGs I have. All of them are excellent.

    That doesn't effect the rating of this mod, however, that's my own personal problem. This is incredible. If you could find a weapon to replace the standard MG in the future, I would really appreciate it.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    I love how people are saying "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T USE IT" as if the star rating system exists for no reason. You shout at these people for criticizing the mod, even when the claims are legitimate.

    You're all hypocrites for objecting these people when you're doing the same goddamned thing. I really hate this website sometimes, you're all so afraid of descending opinions and criticism - So much so that people can't even leave their thoughts about a mod for a fucking video game that isn't even yours.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    I'm with @ReaperVC, this mod seems kind of useless in GTAV - One of the huge features about weapons in GTAV was that they animated and the mags dropped. Why go backwards to weapons that DON'T animate or have moving magazines? It just seems like an unnecessary port, bringing in weapons that have LESS functionality, not more. I would love to see some updated weapon models that actually had removable magazines.

    Still, I can't fault the mod since it's competently made and everything works the way it should. Nice work.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    @VEntertainment You're being obnoxious and splitting hairs for absolutely no reason. Calling it M4A1 is accurrate regardless of what's on it.

    What, do you constantly call your dog by it's specific breed? No. It's a fucking dog regardless of fur color or breed, a Jack Russell Terrier is a Dog just like a German Shepard is a Dog - And the same argument can be applied to this M4A1 whether it has a special rail system or not.

    Factually it is accurate to call this an M4A1, even if it had a Grenade Launcher on it, the weapon at it's core is still an M4A1. Conversation over.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    I would love an update where we could control it with a keybinding, that way we can have control over it's functionality for dramatic/moviemaking purposes.

    (Have it deactivated throughout a police chase, and reactivated during the final stand where the cops catch up with the player and corner them.)

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    @upnext You can fix this by going into whatever trainer you have and setting the vehicle alpha to 0.

    @jedijosh920 I don't know if this is a bug or not, but whenever I fall off of the Skateboard, I lose the ability to pull the skateboard back out until I reload the character or switch characters. Please remove this or troubleshoot it if it is a bug. It's extremely annoying to have to change characters/reload my character from whatever trainer to get it working again. I just want to skate, bail off of it or crash on it, then keep skating - No Vehicle Alpha tampering or character reloading should be necessary.

    I wont negatively rate the mod for this until I have confirmation, but the mod isn't making the best impressions thusfar.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    @bizzlezx10r Weapons are seen consistently and you use them during game play, you have to specifically enter Michael's house and stare at the laptop to see this, which you never will. You'll be too busy out in the world blowing things up to ever use this mod.

    How are you even comparing retexturing a simple prop in one location to a weapon that will be onscreen and used by the player in a wide variety of situations? That's a HUGE false equivalency.

    If you use the Iron Dagger a lot, my reskin of it will be helpful because every time you decide to use the knife, you see it. Jimmy's laptop, however, only spawns when Jimmy is doing this specific action, which you would have to go out of your way to Michael's house to even see it. It's impractical.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    @terrell671 It may have corrupted when you installed it, I freshly updated my game so I could have the new weapons (Double Barrel Shotgun and AKS-74u) And after installing this mod, everything worked fine.

    I suggest deleting your Patchday8ng and copying the original into the mods folder and add your mods back in from scratch. If that doesn't work, I'm not really sure what to do.

  • C3a3e8 upperass

    Just in case, if people have a custom bat model already installed, you should save your users some work and add in the default bat model (It's not a huge deal, I'm just saying it would be easier than sifting through the unmodded .rpfs and finding the model myself.)

    Other than that, this bat looks and feels amazing when swung, it reminds me of the bat from GTAIV, including the dark blue/black rubber grip, and fits the game a lot more than the default. Excelletn work.