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    I dont get why this mod doesnt allow sleeping at home... the motels are useless i always disable them

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    As of current comment date, this mod does not work with the latest game as well as all other latest mod essentials like scripthookv etc. Will boommark this mode hopefully will get an update.

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    Doesnt seem to work properly. I see the map blips but i cannot engage the heist.Not a single button works;tried controller its the same cannot start the event. Tried editing the button but no change.

    I installed this mod in new game maybe i cant rob them yet?

    I have latest gameversion(steam)
    Latest scripthookv
    Latest scripthookvdotnet
    Latest LUA Plugin
    Latest NativeUI

    Also tried installing into clean rpf file without mods and same issue.

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    I was struggling gettings this to work XDD
    so i decided to comment installation since i see people struggle as well.

    Keys are I and K

    1. latest ScriptHookV installed
    2. latest ScriptHookVDotNet installed
    3. latest NativeUi installed
    4. as well as these files [PUT THESE IN THE SCRIPTS FOLDER]:
    - MadMilkman.ini.dll (included in mod)
    - TeamCore.dll (included in mod)
    - TheCharacterVehicleMod.dll (included in mod)
    - TheCharacterVehicleMod.pdg (included in mod)