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  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker
  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    @Rub17 Don't forget to install Script Hook and use a legit game. More info in the description.
    Late reply but use @R3QQ otherwise I don't get a notification.

    @Doucet The mod works fine. It's written directly in C++ so updates are not needed.
    Make sure to use a fully updated and legit version of the game with the newest Script Hook V by Alexander Blade. More info the description.

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    @etek322 People like to play the game in different ways. People like different things. So I made the configuration file, to let people choose what they think is fine and not fine.

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    @JAM102970 Thank you for reporting.
    I have tested it myself now and can't find any issues.
    Are you running this mod isolated when testing without any other mod at all? Is your configuration file modified? Latest script hook V by Alexander Blade?
    If possible, please let us continue the discussion here: https://discord.com/channels/714193459505791038/714196946616844380

    It's most likely a conflict with another mod. Since this mod is written directly in C++ it's very unlikely it needs to get updated. Actually it has never happened in any of my mods. Once in 2015 they changed the behavior of a native vehicle script function which was annoying and I updated of course but it didn't crash the game. As I recall that has been the only issue. Rockstars own scripts would also be affected if they change something.

    If it is a conflict with another mod, a possible solution might be to change the configuration files for one or both mods in conflict.

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    @Bet Nimrod
    Player can't fall off or leave the vehicle, use a trainer to spawn into other ones or press N.
    0 and -1 means not in use by the mod.

    It's easier if we continue in the discord channel:

  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    @Bet Nimrod In scripting, the game natively sets these settings on and off. When you change something like invincibility with a mod, what the mod is actually doing is calling a native function which also game scripts uses and changes the setting in question to the state you want, faster than the game is changing it back to it's normal state. That's how it's changed.

    Mods typically only calls native functions when needed. They otherwise wait in order not to lower the fps for no reason.

    Now if you have two mods, both changing for example invincibility, the mod setting the state most frequently will be the one to determine the state used in that frame and gameplay.

    This is why many of the settings in FFFR also got a -1 state, which means not in use by the mod. This lets other mods control settings/states without conflicts with FFFR.

    Instructions from the main configuration file:
    1 and 0 means that the setting is kept at either true (1) or false (0).
    The true state or the false state is then set by the mod.
    Example: If player_vehicle_invincible is set to 0, the mod will make sure the player's vehicle is made not invincible. This can cause conflicts with for a example a trainer which wants to set the vehicle to invincible. To solve this, there's another option, -1.
    -1 means that the mod won't do any changes in regards to the setting. Nothing will happen.

  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    @sa kiron Are you sure that's from this mod? This mod has horn customization but no randomizations for the horn. You have to activity choose to change the horn signal.

    18 Вересня 2021
  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    Tested and it works fine (legit copy of GTAV with Script Hook by Alexander Blade and fully updated game).

    @ExDeath Yes, it does. However it does not stop scripted speech or dialogs in missions. I don't think that's possible to stop.

    13 Вересня 2021
  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    @Hyperrion147 It should work just fine. It's a .asi file and the same code is included in FFFR.

    Make sure to have a fully updated and legit (not cracked/pirated) game.

    Download, open the zip files and install Script Hook (dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv) and the .asi and .ini file from this mod (the content of the mod download) into your installation folder, where your GTA5.exe is located. For example C:\Spel\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto V. You put everything here.

  • 4f70c9 gta profile pic r3qq 5 june 2015 darker

    @Sharpy12 Sounds like a conflict with another mod. You're welcome to visit the discord channel, where I'm able to get notifications. https://discord.gg/B4bJVrt