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Choose the way of respawn
Instead of respawning at the hospital or police station after getting killed or busted, this mod lets you respawn at other locations.
Ways of respawning, (the chances of them to be used can be changed):

Random respawn somewhere on the map:
1. Respawn randomly from a list with over 500 coordinates from all over the map, many in places of cover (to make it fit violent mods).
2. On a random road in a random vehicle.
3. In the air at random coordinates in a random helicopter or plane.
4. On foot at random coordinates.

You can also set to respawn where you died (not activated by default, check out the .ini file). Set the chance of respawning in different ways or use the default settings which includes all ways except where you died.

Video showcase
Installation guide and showcase.

You need the latest version of the tool Script Hook V by Alexander Blade in order for this mod to work.

Put RespawnAlternatives 2.0.asi and RespawnAlternatives.ini into your GTA5 folder where your GTA5.exe is located. Remove it again to remove the mods feature. Note that the mod is disabled by the script hook when going online into multiplayer.

Spawn Where You Died Requested by
reddit.com/user/DACtype @ GTAV_Mods

-- You no longer spawn in mid-air after dying in mid-air. Some mods that uses and alters the same values as this one does, may disable or alter the behavior of this mod.
-- Rewrote the mod and changed the name from Spawn Where You Died to Respawn Alternatives. New features are first and foremost more spawning alternatives.
-- Respawn alternatives:
Random from a list with over 500 coordinates from all over the map. The coordinates are mostly from places in cover to make it fit violent mods better.
Other possibilities are are random on the map: on a road in a random vehicle, in the air in a random helicopter or plane, or on foot.
You can also set to respawn where you died (not activated by default). Change chance of each respawn type in the .ini. Team Up will eventually be updated with this mod included, but until then the current version can be played together with this one.
-- Player skin persists death/arrest. Works fine with Native Trainer, ENT resets the death state and the skin wont persist in most cases. Other trainers have not been tested.
-- Option to get all weapons upon respawn (not on by default).
-- Set if player skin should persist death (on by default).
-- The old issue with respawning in the air when using "spawn where you died" should be fixed.
-- The scene at the hospital and police station after death is mostly gone.
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