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    The Marathon Continues. Keep em coming!

  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @ZeroSuf3r yea seems there is no way around the verification that i found. Thank you for the reply my friend

    28 Березня 2021
  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @ZeroSuf3r hey, have a question for you. Will this give me the option to not have to be connected to the internet just to play offline mode?

    I'm using another similar mod (NoGtaV Launcher, i believe) with this script im able to skip the worry updating my gta v by not having to go through the Rockstar Launcher, BUT even with that mod i still have to connect to wifi and re sign in every now and then so i keep it connected to wifi.

    Does your script allow me to not have to connect to the Rockstar Launcher and always play offline

    23 Березня 2021
  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @Dealien yes i did. I left The Mob only once so far and in my experience, two cars spawned. one spawned right under me as i drove away. Don't know if the spawn proximity could be too close to the player or other mods that i have installed conflict with that part of it. I will check on that.

    That is a nice touch with them chasing you after leaving The Mob. I knew too much to be left alive 😂

  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @Dealien nevermind "did not re-appear comment" after the 10 mins( real time) it re-appeared on the map.

    I'm excited to see the growth of this content!

  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @Dealien the presentation blows me away! Driving up to the house and seeing the guard standing there, to finishing up a mission and making the drop off to the boss and his surrounding guards. its very fun.

    a few things to throw at you.
    so i finished a job and after that i left the mob (just to see what would happen). the icon on the map disappeared and wasn't able to join after. so far i waited a hour (in game) and did not re-appear. is that a bug or does it re-appear?

  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    Question... would it be possible to add a option for a animation to pumping gas? I enjoy this mod the way it is, but i think just having a option to turn animation for pumping gas would be cool...

    Just don't know how difficult it would be without changing the whole mod

  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @Highj4ck yea i may have something that changes the timecycle installed. I'm not sure what exactly lol. I'll have to mess around with it maybe this weekend to see exactly.

    5 stars besides my own issue, because before your current update i was and still using an old version. I love what you brung to the table of gta with this script by the way. You guys (mod creators) dont always get the appreciate that you deserve. Thanks for the this content !

    18 Листопада 2020
  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    I haven't tried smoking in a car. I tried it standing, walking.

    17 Листопада 2020
  • A8e7a1 unnamed

    @Highj4ck I believe i been having the same problem @POLSKA122121 was having. previous versions i was able to buy and smoke, but with this latest version for some reason the character cant smoke.

    i see the icon on map, i can buy, but when clicking on the strain nothing happens. i can hear the clicking noise but it doesnt do anything.

    17 Листопада 2020