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  • 4edfb1 smityh

    Great work, man. I used to replace the headshot textures myself but now I don't have to!
    Thanks for the love.

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    I was a fan of another original E.R.O. mod for the longest time, but through word of mouth I heard about this RAGE overhaul and I think it's exceptional. I personally don't use the weapons.meta and it's still 5/5. Great work guys, you make the community's GTA experience 100% better. Thanks for all the time and effort put into this mod, it really shows.

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @littlefilms Thanks for your help. Sometimes my common sense fails me; I am able to simply open the archive with 7zip and explore the contents smh

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @Bravercoolio Hey man, love this mod 5/5. I think it's the best out there when it comes to decals and soak.

    Have one question, hope you can help me. I am interested in making my own custom blood and wound decals from scratch, can you point me in the right direction? What programs would I need to make blood splatter and bump-mapped wound decals?

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    If you want your delicious little drum mag to have a 100-ROUND CAPACITY like you'd expect, you can make it so with one easy step, it's only one value you have to edit. Some dude mentioned it almost 3 years ago but IT'S 2018 HERE ARE SOME EASY DIRECTIONS:



    -Follow this path from main directory;


    - In "ai" folder, click "edit mode" on top of screen (IF PROMPTED, REMEMBER TO OPEN OR COPY TO "MODS" FOLDER)

    -Right-click "weaponcomponents.meta," and select "edit"

    -Inside "weaponcomponents.meta," press ctrl+f to search for " assaultrifle_clip_02 "

    -Search lines below to find " <ClipSize value="45" /> " (45 is default, I believe)

    -Replace 45 with your desired magazine capacity.


    -Now show the unsuspecting population of Los Santos the real destructive power of your Hi-Cap AK, just like the bad guys

    Remember you can use this exact method to edit the magazine capacity of any of the vanilla or default weapons, just search for "pistol" or "MG;" use your brain, it's not that hard. DLC weaponcomponents are located in a different path IIRC.

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @sjaak327 I have a question, man; what are the keycodes for gamepad? I'd like to change the keybind for open menu but I can't find the keycode for the inputs I'd like, the .ini only gives a glossary of keycodes for keyboard. Do you think you could put out an updated .ini?
    Thanks, I use your trainer every day, like it a lot.

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @jedijosh920 Wassup bro, any chance you could put out a compressed file for manual install 3.1? Also, was that headshot bug a problem with the weapons.meta, or the physics stuff?

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @Rippler That answered my question perfectly, thanks a lot.

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    Absolutely gorgeous, thanks a lot for your hard work and attention to detail @metroidguy.

    Noticed a little bug today, I attached the default scope and the wep would not zoom to aim down sights when I pressed R3 in first person. When I switched to another wep, aimed down the sight, and switched back to the M249, it was stuck in ADS and could not exit until I switched to another wep and toggled off the ADS.

    Wierd little bug, thought I'd let you know. Thing is so beautiful I don't mind keeping her free of attachments anyways. 5/5

  • 4edfb1 smityh

    @Eddlm Do the killed NPC's use default ragdoll physics? I have E.R.O. installed and after killing peds affected by your script, they seem to fall over like a 6 foot tall sack of potatos just like vanilla. Great idea nontheless, I dig it.