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  • Gtao54

    Same issue that @PC_G4m3r reported. Sadly, this mod has stopped working.

  • Gtao54

    Looks like a fun mod to have...

    A question though - any FPS impact?

  • Gtao54

    This reminds me of a "Doom" mod named "Reelism". Nice idea, bookmarking for future!

    16 Листопада 2019
  • Gtao54

    @Eddlm - Good to hear it! Though like I said, what you have done so far is already a significant leap compared to Community Races.

    I am afraid though, that I have discovered a significant bug. Whenever I run any race, I am no longer able to quick save... GTA has to be rebooted or reloaded for the quick save function to work properly again. This, sort of, defeats the purpose of winner's prize altogether, since I can't save my new earnings anyway.

    Not sure if this is your mod's fault, or some exotic interaction with another script that's causing it. I'll try to make sure. You can also investigate, time allowing. Cheers!

  • Gtao54

    I was somewhat hesitant to download this script, saying to myself "what could possibly be better than Community Races?" How wrong I was...

    The mod itself is super if one is looking for a gameplay mod that could be enjoyed over an extended period of time, rather than just half an hour.

    The multitude of options, race tracks, vehicles and race customization tweaks is truly stunning. Finally, you can create races that have strict eligibility rules, individual flavor and, yes, a fixed AI!

    Computer drivers tackle tracks well and are better prepared to handle even the sharpest of corners. Not to say they are completely free of mistakes, though. They still tend to overshot some sharp curves but, at the same time, are much better in getting back on track. Some of these problems, however, may be caused by the track design (just keep the path narrow and cut the corners just a little bit.)

    It is great to know that ARS supports prop placement. Verified. Though it was kind of goofy for the first time - I loaded a previously Menyoo-made prop set, only to witness parts of it gradually disappearing being, however, promptly saved in the ARS .xml file... Well... the point is that it worked. So no harm no foul I guess? Not quite sure about it yet, but I think this mod actually DOES support placement of vehicles as props...

    A few disadvantages if I may. The UI of course. Other than that, the track editor controls are extremely clunky with user having to operate arrows AND "a" and "d" keys. A top-down view of some sort would probably be best for many uses instead of having to deal with this strange setup... Besides, for some reason it seems impossible to create a point-to-point track, the editor simply requires one to make closed circuits...

    I would also like to see a way to customize race prizes and make them dependent on the track length, number of opponents AND surface type (dirt track racing would be worth more than flat, shiny asphalt). Maybe even make a "weight" system where a user could set the importance of each of these factors when determining the award value?

    Overall, an excellent racing experience with a lot of improvements, compared to a very unimpressive and anti-fun vanilla racing and driving system. Even for a "work in progress" mod, this script still beats any other racing option available and, for the most part, meets my expectations.

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  • Gtao54

    Which version of LSPDFR does it precisely work with?

  • Gtao54

    Why are there 17 notifications on my news feed, each about this 'ere file...?

  • Gtao54

    @_CP_ @robi29 - Having a decent experience in, specifically, creating clouds I can, in all seriousness, say that backlight from sun is HUGELY overdone in VisualV. Like clouds being backlit during sunrise or sunset. I suggest toning the colors down.

  • Gtao54

    What's the idea behind having a mod like this, considering you can do the same just by installing open camera through OpenIV?

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not being mean. I'm just curious whether this mod has, perhaps, some other features that go beyond what OpenIV has to offer.

  • Gtao54

    The description is just spot-on! Haha.