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    What options did you have enabled at the time? You could try resetting ENT's settings via the menu option and seeing if the issue persists.

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    You just need to replace the old ASI with the new one to update. If you replace the XMl file, the keybinds will be set back to their default values. You'd still have to reset ENT's settings via the in-game option (or delete ENT's DB found in Appdata) if you wanted to reset your enabled features back to stock.

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    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 40 Bugfix 8

    ⦁ Those who have been having controller issues where the stick doesn't respond (i.e you cannot use the landing gear or sneak) - please try resetting ENT's settings and enabling your previous options 1 by 1 so we can narrow down what is causing this issue!

    *Fixed missing vehicle preview images for the slamvan4, issi4 and speedo4.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:

    *Added a 'Despawn When Dead/Dismissed' option for the 'Bodyguards' feature.
    *Added a 'Stick Vehicle To Ground' option.
    *Added a 'First Person Cutscene Camera' feature.
    *Added a 'Consistent Radio Volume' option.

    *Fixed some bugs in the 'Cutscene Viewer' option.
    *Fixed some nasty bugs in the 'Levitation' option.
    *Fixed a critical bug in the 'Mouse Mode' option of the 'Airbrake' feature + improved it a bit.
    *Fixed some critical bugs in the 'Reset Player Model On Death' option. It hung the game from time to time. It could also set the game into infinite loop if you set your skin as any fish not being under water.
    *Fixed some bugs under the 'Animations' menu.
    *Fixed a bug in the 'NPC No Gravity Peds' option.
    *Fixed a nasty bug in both the 'Player Force Shield' and the 'Vehicle Force Shield' options.
    *Fixed a critical bug in the 'Speed Limiter' feature.
    *Fixed a critical bug in the 'Engine Damage' feature.
    *Fixed a compatibility bug in the 'Suspension Height' and the 'Moon Gravity' options.
    *Fixed some bugs in the 'Bodyguards' feature.
    *Fixed some vehicle preview bugs.
    *Fixed a tiny bug under the 'Weather' menu.
    *Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Heavy Snow' feature. It reset weather to 'Clear' every time on startup.
    *Fixed a bug in the 'Lose Weapons On Arrest' option.
    *Improved the 'Hancock Mode' feature a bit + fixed some bugs.
    *Improved the 'Fuel' feature. It works for submarines now.
    *Improved the 'Power Punch' feature. You can manually set punch strength value now.

    Known Bugs:-
    ⦁ If you attempt to load the same IPL one after the other (i.e CEO office Style 1 -> CEO office Style 1 (Messy)) then the IPL will fail to load unless you load another one and teleport back.
    ⦁ Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
    ⦁ Some vehicle mod options use the wrong category name (i.e Arena War vehicles have mods which use the same mod index as normal vehicles, but their contents are different).

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    Update should be out later today if things go to plan.

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    Does that happen when ENT is open or specific options are enabled?

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    Preview images - yes.
    Vehicle spawner miscount - most likely due to "undriveable" vehicles. We had to remove a bunch of them (like the Sheriff Chopper) because you couldn't actually use them.

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    Try loading JUST ENT and no other mods to see if it's a compatibility issue or ENT is breaking.

    If you're admin on the PC, you should be able to change the username on the folder. If not, this might help:


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    I've tried fixing it before, but it looks like an issue with ENT's Xinput library.

    You could try the old fix of disconnecting your controller, letting GTA load and reconnecting it when your save has loaded.

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    If you go to your user's directory - is your new Windows username there or is it still the Korean one? Sometimes Windows only updates specific folders but not all of them.

    If it is and you've deleted all the preview images, you could try removing ENT, letting GTA load and re-installing ENT to see if it settled down a bit.

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    Either use an Xbox 360/one controller, or if you need to emulate it (i.e you use a DS4 or Switch Pro controller) - you can do so using Steam's controller emulator.