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    Great package :) not a full five stars because there are no front indicators. Aside from that minor issue, great work.

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    Great fun! If you update this mod, maybe add an example .ini file - yes it does create one after first run, but it is simpler to adjust from the get-go if included.

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    help me how to add a pool to the villa I do not have a pool?

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    @lucasvinbr I've been changing various values around - setting max spawn distance to a massive figure (4000!) seems to solve the unspawning blips after death. So may have something to do with too many blips in a small area for the game to handle....

    Oh, and what @Reaver14 is experiencing (rival members aiming at me but not shooting) is happening too me too. Will try your base settings as you have supplied (currently using the 'canon' gang settings provided by another modder) to see if it happens then.

    An observation - if you set every gang as being player-owned, they will not not target / shoot at you - and you can't target / shoot them. They duke it out among themselves. Great for 'ambiance' , but would like the opportunity to not be part of a gang (even police, via LSPDFR) and still give them hot lead for breakfast!!!

    Sorry if I come across as demanding, but I really like this mod and want it in my game permanently, without having to touch settings.

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    Really like this mod, so many possibilities! Just a report - blips after member / vehicle death do not always disappear, is it an option to update the scan for entities no longer required?

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    @LeFix Here are the images I mentioned earlier:


    a very simple start, following your suggestions.

    I would still like analogue fuel and revs if possible, but the indicator bar sounds interesting...

    01 Листопада 2016
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    @LeFix Yes, I am currently designing my way around in the way you suggested. Your changes sound interesting and would be willing to test a preview of new version. I'll show some pics of what I've done later today.

    01 Листопада 2016
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    @LeFix Many thanks for this well-executed mod! :D

    I can see that 'developed is stopped' and have read that you're not really into GTA V now...

    BUT... would you consider a tiny request?

    I would like the abiity to flip the secondary dials (fuel & RPM) to top left and bottom right respectively to accomodate positioning on the LHS (and incorporating the radar) ;)


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    @Cass Just personal preference - I personally have enough variety with ivpack's extra taxi models, the extra colours merge the stanier mk2 too much into the general car population for my eye. Like I said, this mod is great - though I suspect my low video ram (1GB mobile gpu) is stopping me see the full potential! Another quick question - why is it necessary to copy the entire e64.rpf into the mods folder? (I like to keep my folders as lean as possible...)

    29 Вересня 2016