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  • Bugstars2


    1. Actually there isn't a way to do that. I will probably add this but for an other update.

    2. Actually the option to have ped that automatically follow you, get in your car, fight back etc is already possible in the 1.7. I said i will put some new options to get formations but otherwise everything is already out in the 1.7.

    3. Yeah i will probably make some tutorial for the 1.8 to explain how to do things like this.

    4. Yeah it's what i think too but actually high complexity is equal to high possibility. Obviously it's not needed and will be only for users that want to specify some things otherwise there is always a default value.

    Now to finish yeah no problem but like i said in the description, the free version of the mod will be updated only for bugs not for features anymore so if you want to become a tester just tell me and i will send you the paid version for free.

  • Bugstars2

    @Effe78 Hi, so i have some questions to your answer.

    1. What do you mean by more ped slots ?

    2. About bodyguards actually the 1.7 Version has a bodyguard feature and for the 1.8 or maybe 1.9 i will add the option for the bodyguards to have a formation like being in circle around you.

    3. About "hostile peds" i think you did something wrong with the relationship. You need to go to the squad you want to modify and go in the relationship tab. After select Player and select Hate and press validate.

    4. Now when the 1.8 will come out, it will contain a lot of options linked to combat. I played with my mod and is very good but the combat is a mess so some options in the 1.8 will be : Set accuracy, Set Level, Set Combat Attributes, Set Combat Distance, Set Field Of View and much more.

    Actually you seems to have a good analyse on my mod so if you want to become a tester just tell me. I will send you the paid mod for free but i need to know what are the problems and what i need to improve.

  • Bugstars2

    @Effe78 Hi, actually i tried and it is working perfectly. I think you should try to use a text editor like "notepad++" and try to be sure there is no space at the end of F12

  • Bugstars2

    @sidh1990 Hi, i will answer below.

    1. "you want us to pay" : actually it's not mandatory to pay and you can still use the free version.
    2. "I of course would love to try it first before purchase" : then it's absolutely not a problem. If i remember i have your discord so i will send you the link otherwise give me your email. I need some testers, to know what i can improve and you did a good job, because some features was requested by you.

  • Bugstars2

    @Y-Axis So i will answer to all your questions.
    1. "you already asking for money" : No i'm not asking money because it's not mandatory and still free to buy it or not.
    2. "your mod aint even special" : Then try to find a mod like this that is able to handle 30 guards, able to put custom models etc.
    3. "You can do this with any trainer tbh." : For the follow player then yeah and it's not new it's what i said like what 3 times ?

  • Bugstars2

    @sidh1990 Actually it's not christmas anymore but yeah this feature is out. Read the description above to know more about the new version 1.6 and how to get it.

  • Bugstars2

    @GoofySGB An update of my Squads Manager mod is coming. I tried it and it's always working

  • Bugstars2

    @Scutius Hi, sorry for the late answer. About "they attack you when you accidentally aim at them" you probably did something wrong in the "Relationship" tab. About "spawn in vehicle" i will add this option soon. Now about "Bodyguards" as i already said my mod is called "Squads Manager" and not "Bodyguard Squad". I put "Bodyguard Squad" for users that liked this mod to know there is a new mod like that. If you really want to have bodyguards then use the "Simple Trainer by Sjaak" or use an other bodyguard mod because there is a tons of mods like that. Actually i never used the old mod to get bodyguards so actually this mod is oriented with squads and not really bodyguards. I'm sorry to say that but it's exactly like in reality. You don't use a car to fly but you use a plane instead then it's the same thing here :D

  • Bugstars2

    @hosein_3d Yeah the "Escort" will be added don't worry.

  • Bugstars2

    @hosein_3d yeah and there is a lot of new things comparing to the old mod :D