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    @Fabito48hd Congratulations for your very nice mod, man!
    The creator of the Online Interiors didn't update his mod at so long, and someone had to do something to bring more interiors from Online Mode to the SinglePlayer Mode.
    Despite your mod being too nice, there are still some things that aren't at their correct place.
    For example: The Doomsday Heist Facility...
    The teleporting marker appears inside the facility, but when we get out of the facility, we can't get inside again. And by checking through Menyoo's Object Spowner Editor, I discovered that teleporting marker is together the hatch, but right undermeath the ground, at a position where the character does not reaches to be teleported back inside the facility.
    The marker is below the ground, near the hatch, but it's not level with the ground correctly.
    Other facility which's with a trouble as this, is the hangar, but instead the marker being below the ground, it appears above the ground, at the high of the character, but it also isn't level with the ground correctly.
    At the hangar, the outside teleporting marker, is level with the ground correctly. You'll need level only the inside teleporting marker with the ground.
    At the Doomsday Facility, the outside teleporting marker, near the facility's hatch, is that needs be level with the ground correctly.
    Congratulations again, buddy!
    I hope see updates with improvements soon.

    08 Березня 2020
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    @Gang1111 I have a suggestion for this tool's inprovements...
    How about, if you could add a resource that could allow us move all mod files in the game to whitelist at one time, instead having to move one at one.
    Your tool already allows us exclude all mod files instantly, so why do not add a resource which could allow us to move all file of instant way to the whitelist, without having the job to move one to one?
    This job's tirely for who's got a lot of mods installed on the game, and is hurry to get on Online in the MP Mode.
    So, i suggest you add the whitelist's instant move to move all files of onlyone time, just like we already can exlude all file at onlyone time.
    Thank you!

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    @sjaak327 Dude, i'm pretty greatful for your job in put the radio station emitter panel in the casino's penthouse.
    I confess that i was little hopeless about this possibility, cuz this DLC was released at the middle of year. You've added the casino locations at the teleporting options, including the penthouse, but the radio station tuner was missing.
    Man, the only difficulty that i have with Simple Trainer, is because have only 12% of the vision in my both eyes, and by the reason of your trainer having a lot of things, the size of the font at the options informations, is very small. But without this difficulty, your mod is pretty cool, buddy.
    Which anyother trainer doesn't do, your trainer do.
    As an example: Turns on any TV and and apartment radio around the player, and manythings else.
    Thanks again man!
    Despite you don't answer to my comment request posted somedays ago, you've done best: You did put the radio station tuner, or radio station emitter on board of the casino's penthouse.
    By finishing this comment, i only would want let a quick suggestion for you.
    You until could to create a mod, or a default setting inside the Simple Trainer to load casino's penthouse when the game's loaded.
    There's a mod which already do this automatically, but the creator still doen't added the radio station tuner on board the penthouse.
    And how i like the penthouse to much, i'd like to save my game progress inside it.
    Besides the other mod does not add the radio station tuner, it lets my pc heavy, because it works with ScriptHook.NET. And there are some mods from this script which lets our PC.s a little, or very heavy, by depending the mod's developement.
    Anyway, this is it for now.
    I wish to you and to all your family a fully blessed and happy 2020 year.

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    @sjaak327 Why you didn't put the radio station tuner on the wall of the penthouse, to allow us changing the radio station, as in GTA Online? When I go to Casino's penthouse, I can hear only that default radio station, cuz there's no the tuner panel on the wall of the room. I hope you can add it in a future update. Thank you!

  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MaxLuk Do you mean, make the building fully working in SinglePlayer?
    My mod only fixes the bug of the missing doors at the entrance of the building.
    Our ymap only adds the missing doors, nothing else.
    Now, if you want to have the casino's building in SinglePlayer mode, without to need any trainer to load the MP Maps, i recomend this mod...
    But it also does not have the missing doors, which our mod adds, and until the gates of the doors which the Simple Trainer adds when you load MP Maps, at this mod, are missing.
    Man, until the external windows of the building are missing at this mod, and its creator doesn't released an update with that missing stuff fix.
    So, i totally recomend you use scripts and the simple trainer to load the map, and use our mod to let the entrance of the building, just like at the Online Mode.
    You can download the mod through the link above at this comment, but i tell that you won't like it.
    Use the simple trainer! If you don't like use mods on your game, maybe cuz them leaves your PC heavy, the Simple Trainer is very very light mod. And it loads the stuffs, but never lets your PC heavy.
    I hope this coment can help you, buddy!
    God bless you and your home!

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    Прикриплений коментар

    Hello everyone!
    We've released a quick update only to fix the bug of the freezing of the casino's entrance doors, which someone's requested at our mod before.
    We hope everyone likes and enjoy themselves

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    @ganic No problem, my friend!
    We hope you can fix your harddrive's trouble soon, and keep with updates of your mod.
    Until there, all that we can do, is wait.
    Thanks for answering to our comments.
    God bless you and all your home!

    09 Листопада 2019
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    @ganic I have a boat that i've downloaded at here, it was developed by a modder as an Add-On vehicle, but it's not a dlc.
    To have this vehicle working on the game, i need install it inside a existing dlc on the game.
    But watching and using your tool to creating my own DLCs of Add-On Vehicles, i had a good idea: Get all Add-On boats that i have installed into some dlc from the game, and transform them in an independent Add-On vehicle's DLC.
    But when i did go to create my first DLC of boat, i've seen it's missing boats category at your tool.
    So, my request for you for futures updates is: To add the missing boat's category for we create our independent DLC.s of boats, just like today, i doanload some aircrafts as helicopters and planes that's not Add-Ons, but replace, and then, i transform them in Add-On aircrafts for my self usage.
    So buddy, if you're reading to this comment, please add the boats category to make easy the creation of DLC of boats on the game.
    Not only boats category, but some other category that you maybe forgot to add.
    Pretty thanks!

    07 Листопада 2019
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    @MrGTAmodsgerman Yeah, i know friend!
    I just do not understand Rockstar.
    I always get my plane on the game and fly beyond the boundaries of the same, and all that i see, is which Rockstar's made a very very big world to be explored, and so why did them put a fucking limite on the game?
    We which play on PC, with the NoBoundaryLimits mod, we can fly wherever we want. But and who plays at the consoles!
    If them go few miles away from the coast, their planes breaks and crashes.
    I did fly too miles and miles away from the Los Santos Map, i know and maybe you knows what i talk.
    When i didn't know NoBoundaryLimites Mod, i still tried fly to away from the map, using some cheats from the trainer, to keep my aircraft working, without crash. But when i did arrive at a right distance, aircraft was keep on the course, but i seen that the camera wasn't follow the course.
    Man, until at the camera reach, Rockstar's put limite, i can't to understande that!
    Rockstar makes me angry about these things which they does on the game.
    But anyway friend: I understand what you mean, and i actually hope which someday, a modder can build a mod which breaks all of these fucking limitations put by the damn Rockstar Games.

  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @ryanm2711 In reply to your answer about the map don't be put on the east side because of game's limitations. my ask to you is: And the mod called "NoBoundary Limits", which disables distance limit?
    There's a function at the limit called "Entity Spawn Bondary" that basicaly allow us spawn anything, and it does not imports which distance away from the coast we are.
    I think this mod could work and help your map. But at the universe from GTA, at the east, or west side of the map, is good anyway.
    By the way, Los Santos is not Los Angeles, and Vice City is not Miami.
    But if you do not know the NoBoundary Limits mod, just make a research over here, and take a look.