BMW M2/3/4 (BMW N55/S55) Engine Sound Pack [OIV Addon | FiveM] 2.1

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BMW M2/3/4 (BMW N55/S55) Engine Sound Pack

Want to commission an engine sound mod? Contact me on Discord and we'll see what can be done.

Version 2.1 changelog:
- Removed experimental transmission whine sound from the N55, as it was accidentally activating for some players.

Version 2.0 changelog:
- Renamed the existing "S55" to N55 as I've now added an actual S55 sound.
- Fixed the conflict with my BMW S70/2 mod in single player - as a result the audioNameHash of this mod has changed. The N55 is n55b30t0, and the S55 is s55b30.
- Added new exhaust pops to the limiter sounds

Version 1.2 changelog:
- Added deceleration exhaust pops/bangs
- Removed default suspension creaking sound

Version 1.1 changelog:
- Slightly increased rev limit
- Greatly increased volume of exhaust crackles
- Increased volume of starter motor and shutdown sounds

This mod adds the BMW N55 and S55 Inline 6 engine sounds, commonly seen in the BMW M2 and M2 Competition, 2012+ M3s and M4s, and so on.

- Custom startup and shutdown sounds
- Custom turbo sounds for stock and upgraded turbos
- Custom exhaust crackles

Credits and thanks:
Legacy_DMC - GSTools and guidance
Aquaphobic - GSTools guidance, REL/XML info, general mod setup help
Xenn - Startup sound extraction

Codemasters (DIRT Rally 2.0) - N55 Engine and Exhaust sounds
Playground Games (Forza Horizon 5) - S55 Engine and Exhaust sounds
Polyphony Digital (GT Sport) - Ignition/startup/turbo sounds

Install the OIV package with OpenIV, or apply the FiveM resource to your server, then simply use the audioNameHash entry of "n55b30t0" or "s55b30" on any car.
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