Boeing 757-200 [Add-On I VehFuncs V I Tuning] 2.1

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Boeing 757-200

Hey folks! Here's a highly updated version of the 757, a mod which i had already updated a lot compared to Skyline's og release.

This version has a lot of features compared to Skyline's original, including;

-Highly detailed cabin which is enterable and can accomodate passengers
-proper windows in fuselage
-3 different winglet options (standard, scimitar and none)
-2 engine options (PW, RR)
-Tilted landing gear
-Working gauges
-GPU and engine/sensor covers
-New detailed cockpit with illuminated panels (as tuning) thanks to skyline
-New, simpler UV mapping to include wing textures
-Ton more tuning options like optional aft emergency exit, apu inlet and wifi dome
-Vehfuncs V compatible - reverse thrust (will add wipers in future)
-Optional ELS configuartion for beacons and strobes
-New materials

Features plenty of liveries, including some special United and Icelandair ones!

This mod requires Aqua's Aircraft Sound pack to work, otherwise you'll get propeller sounds for engines. if you don't want to install his pack, change in vehicles.meta to "CARGOPLANE"

see through floor at rear of cabin, collision in some areas is a bit off too

2.1: added the Vehfuncs V config to the main archive, my big dumbass forgot it so apologies


Place the folder "b7572" in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
Add the line: "dlcpacks:/b7572/" to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml

for Vehfuncs V compatibility, place b757.ini in your vehfuncsv folder and use ctrl+b to toggle reverse thrust

Please note: for the new cockpit you see in screenshots, it must be enabled in tuning options.

SkylineGTRFreak - original upload in which this was based on and cockpit
Aquaphobic - Handling
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