Michigan State Police CVPI 2.0

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Want a state police car? Make a request in the comment section below! I would try to get to all of your requests. After all, there are only 50 states!

I present toy you the Michigan State Police CVPI V3
-more detail on the stop sign
-stop sign now extra_1
-Bigger rotating thing on light-bar.
-Improvement on detail overall.
-light-bar is moved to middle slightly.
New and improved? V3
-New Stop sign on bonnet
-Better lights placements

-Breakable Glass
-New lightbar
-New skin
-Crap textures(Improved by codebooker)
-Crap light bar(FIXED)
-Done with Online Pixlr photo shop cuz I am too poor. That means low azz textures. Don't expect 4K(Improved by codebooker)

-bad colision points-FIXED
-no colision points for doors-FIXED
-no lod for new lightbar
-Terrible screenshots (Maybe not?)
-Crappy lightbar.-Still Crappy(Not Anymore)
-Reflections. The mirrors don't work. I think I messed it up.
-The stop sign is not visible in first-person. I recommend third person.

If you can make better textures, tell me and give my your email. Or give a link to the image.
Locked file. Do not open it.

DON't reupload
I hate idea-stealers

Thanks for downloading


- Ford CVPI from Driver San Francisco 
- Ported to GTA IV by F5544. 
- Edited to police version by Cj24 and KevinDV. 
- Ported to GTAV by F5544. 
- Federal Signal Arjent by F5544 edited by Netman005 
- Liveries by BogdanM. 
- Beta tested by PimDSLR, Dbock1989, Prophet. 
- Interior parts made by Bxbugs123/Scheafft with permission to use. 

- Mod made by Sgt.Kanyo 
- Ford Crown Victoria made by Ubisoft (Driver San Francisco), converted to GTA IV by f5544, edited by Sgt.Kanyo 
- Code 3 MX-7000 lightbar by Lt.Caine, modified by Sgt.Kanyo 
- Federal Signal Arjent by F5544 edited by Netman005 
- 1998 steel rims, spotlights and inmate divider by Bxbugs123 
- Toughbook C19 by PFCBarefoot edited by Sgt.Kanyo
-State police texture by Jerry9090(OUTDATED)
-New State police lightbar by Jerry9090
-New and improved Textures and STOP signs by codebooker

-I do not live anywhere near Michigan so I don't know smack. I based this car off pictures.
-Don't blame me if you have an incorrect install.
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