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Hello,everyone!This mod intends to bring realistic shooting experience to GTAV and keep the weapons from feeling all the same in combat.

Update1.6fix:Reduced recoilshake for some weapons.Headshot damage modifier changed.Check the 2nd picture.

According to real guns.But also try to acquire balance.
-Bullets fly in different velocity.
-More realistic range for each weapon.
-Damage and force adjusted.And they will gradually drop to zero,start at 0.1 range and finish at 1.0 range.
-Proper fire rates.
-Recoil and accuracy spread increased.Tips:If your character's shooting skill is at a low level,recoil may feel a little bit too much for some high power weapons.Try control your firing rate or use lower recoil guns.It's better if you go to ammu-nation and level-up your skill at shooting range.
-Hitting limbs deals less damage(*0.4),Hitting armor vest deals 0.5~1.0 damage depending on weapon's armor piercing ability.
-Scope attachments have different zoom factor.Clip sizes adjusted.
-Some small tweaks.
You can check the 2nd screenshot for details.

To install: Run openIV,go to Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rtf\common\data\ai\,replace the original files after backup.
Directories for dlc weapon packs,please check README.txt in each folder.
Or you can use latest version of openIV and creat a "mods" folder.Instruction is here http://gtaforums.com/topic/798272-how-to-use-openiv-mods-folder-and-keep-your-original-gta-v-f/
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