Shotgun Range Fix + Choice of Buckshot or Birdshot 1.0


Version 1.0 makes it much easier to shoot a bird (and other small/distant targets) with birdshot. Unfortunately I had to decrease the number of pellets in birdshot to make it work properly. It just wouldn't make a proper spread pattern with the maximum number of projectiles so I found the best balance between pellet count and spread pattern. Now you are able to hit birds much easier than before but you still need to be able to aim well.

Have you ever wondered why in the hell you can't hunt birds with a shotgun in GTAV when that's what they are primarily used for?
Unfortunately GTA and pretty much every other game with guns has the shotgun set with nearly useless range and spread pattern characteristics.
The concept of a shotgun in reality is not be a massively destructive device for clearing rooms and alleys in the pull of a trigger but rather to assist you at hitting your target by firing multiple projectiles at once. In the real world most long/medium length shotguns are effective at just over 100 yards while in the world of video games you are lucky to get one capable of shooting across the street.
In an effort to make the shotgun a more satisfying, realistic and effective weapon I gave it a range and lock on range roughly comparable to the assault rifle and decreased the spread to a more realistic shotgun spread pattern size to compensate for the increased distance.

When using my buckshot the weapon will seem more powerful at first simply because more projectiles are actually hitting your adversary instead of being thrown into the wind but the truth is I had to cut the damage down to less than half of its original value to keep it from being totally overpowered. And on that note I know what you're thinking, "this must totally ruin the shotgun cops" and that's why I've included a combatbehavior.meta to slightly decrease the cop and gang accuracy just in case you can't handle their new toys :)

When using my birdshot you will notice that the weapon is significantly less powerful, especially at longer range and it has a considerably wider spread at range as well. Birdshot shoots more than twice as many projectiles but they are significantly smaller and less damaging than buckshot so therefore you may have to shoot two or more times to drop a large target like a deer or a person and body armor pretty much makes it look like a pellet gun unless you are within just a few feet.

To install you simply replace weapons.meta in Update/Update.rpf/Common/Data/AI with one of the two provided (Buck or Bird). I have also included the shotgun metas separately for copying in case you already have a modified weapons.meta.

Get the rusty old shotgun in the screenshots from Vans123 here:

Remember to backup data before modding and don't bring them mods online.
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