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Welcome to Rocket Island, an custom map mod for Grand Theft Auto V!

1. Ensure you have Menyoo installed on your GTA V game. ( https://github.com/MAFINS/MenyooSP/releases )
2. Extract the downloaded files to your GTA V "menyooStuff\Spooner" folder.
4. Launch GTA V and use Menyoo to load the "Rocket Island" map.

Explore the enigmatic "Rocket Island" in this thrilling Menyoo Map Mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Delve into a captivating story that unveils the island's past as you walk through its rich history. Set foot on a static island adorned with a colossal rocket, once belonging to an old military veteran who left behind a legacy of mystery and adventure.

Once a hidden sanctuary owned by the legendary military veteran Colonel Albert "Ace" Harrison, Rocket Island stands as a static island with a massive rocket at its heart.

Ace had dreams of propelling humankind into space, but his vision remained unfulfilled. Now, the island beckons adventurous souls to explore its mysteries and uncover the legacy of a man who once dreamt of reaching the stars. Are you ready to step foot on Rocket Island and witness the testament to Ace's ambition?

Download the Menyoo Map Mod now and begin your journey into history.
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