Config for Riot Mod (Gangs vs Police + DLC Weapons) 2.0

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Added Double-Barrel shotgun and Compact Rifle.

1) Install this mod. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ped-riot-chaos-mode
2) Replace RiotMode_config.txt with my file from archive.

Just my Riot Mode settings that makes fight 2 factions.
There are no civilians in this settings, cause I don't like to kill civilians in video games.

So, all the factions in game like Groove Street, Ballas, Vagos, Chinese, Armenian gangs etc fighting together against laws.

All members are friendly for their faction, so military dudes will not shoot swat, prison guards, FBI, police etc.

Same for gangs. Vagos will not shoot Aztecaz, punks, Groove, terrorists...

There are all DLC weapons (not melee weapons, cause NPCs running away if they has only melee weapon.)

Weapons Available:
Pistol (Gangs, Police)
Combat Pistol (Police)
AP Pistol (Gangs)
Pistol 50 (Gangs)
SNS Pistol (Police)
Heavy Pistol (Gangs, Police)
Vintage Pistol (Gangs)
Marksman Pistol (Gangs)
Heavy Revolver (Gangs, Police)
Micro SMG (Gangs)
SMG (Gangs, Police)
Assault SMG (Police)
Combat PDW (Police)
Machine Pistol (Gangs)
Pump Shotgun (Gangs, Police)
Sawned-Off (Gangs)
Assault Shotgun (Police)
Bullpup Shotgun (Police)
Musket (Gangs)
Heavy Shotgun (Gangs)
Assault Rifle (Gangs)
Carbine Rifle (Police)
Advanced Rifle (Police)
Special Carbine (Police)
Bullpup Rifle (Gangs)
MG (Gangs)
Combat MG (Police)
Gusenberg (Gangs)
Sniper Rifle (Gangs, Police)
Heavy Sniper (Police)
Marksman Rifle (Gangs, Police)
Double Barrel Shotgun (Gangs)
Compact Rifle (Gangs)
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