Custom Steering 1.8

InfamousSabre & ikt
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Author: InfamousSabre
Maintainer: ikt
I (ikt) only updated the offsets. Original here, but I now maintain this mod. Following is the original description.

Customize your steering setup. With this you can increase or decrease your vehicle's steering
angles as well as disable R*'s auto-countersteer and speed-induced steering reduction. If you
decide you still need steering reduction, I've included an adjustable version that is an almost
exact copy of R*'s.

You can Enable/Disable the steering multiplier in-game for each vehicle as
well as set the default for new vehicles. You can also Enable/Disable R*'s auto-countersteer and
speed-induced steering reduction in game.

Default controls for in-game Enable/Disable are:
']'key for Steering Multiplier
'['key for auto-countersteer and steering reduction

If you wish to change these keys, there is a link to a list of keycodes in the settings file.

I recommend using Drift Assist with this script if you intend on drifting with stock handling. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/drift-assist

-Original Release

-Updated for Finance & Felony DLC

-Updated for Bikers DLC

-Updated for 1.0.944.2

-Updated for 1.0.1103.2

-Updated for 1.0.1180.2

-Updated for 1.0.1290.1

-Updated for 1.0.1365.1

-Updated for 1.0.1604.0+
Older versions not supported, so grab the old versions for older game installs.
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