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Create your own Stunt Jumps !

The stunt jumps work exactly the same as the 50 jumps that come with the game, but they do not count towards completing those.

One example stunt jump is included in v1.0 to help you get started on how to position the points that are needed to make a jump. The readme has a short explanation on how to position the points, should you need that.

NOTE: A maximum of 14 jumps can be activated at a time. This limit is imposed by the game engine.

Requirements: ScripthookV, ScriptHookVDotNet2, nativeUI. fixed
  • Teleport to location: Spawnpoint is now a few meters in front of takeoff with proper heading towards the jump change
  • When editing jumps, uses a camera instead of the Game Cam, to move around, so that Peds and Vehicles in the area don't disappear when you move through them. changes
  • fixed - Corrected the notification when deleting the current collection. Previously it displayed the current stunt jump name or "No Stunt Jumps".
  • added - When deleting a collection or stunt jump, you can also click on one of the Instuction Buttons that are displayed at the bottom right of the screen. fixed
  • Some issues with collection renaming/deleting.

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