Unarmed Police 1.0

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Unarmed Police (1.0): This is a bundle of scripts to make police spawn with a range of different weapons. It can be fun if for example you just want to have brawls with police or you want to dodge grenade launching police.

The bundle features:
Baseball bat police
Nightstick Police
Golfclub Police
Grenadelauncher Police
RPG Police
Minigun Police
Knife Police
Stungun Police
Unarmed Police

Depending on what weapons you want police to have you choose one of the files and drag it into you scripts folder in your gta 5 directory. If you don't have a scripts folder create one. For example if you want unarmed police then drag only that file into the scripts folder. Do not drag more than of the files into your scripts folder otherwise your game will crash. If you want to change the police weapons will you are ingame then alt tab and just drag another file in and remove the old one then press "Insert" ingame on your keyboard. You may have to wait a couple minutes for new cops to spawn.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

Note: These scripts are open source. This means that anyone is free to modify them and upload them. I 100% encourage all modders to release open source.
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