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The original script (0.1) was initially uploaded by 5mith

Thankfully 5mith is a very nice person and made his script open source which allowed me to build upon it. I encourage everyone to check him out.

5mith's script(0.1) made cops approach you with nightsticks if you were unarmed or were using melee with under 2 stars but they never switched back to their guns after they switched to nightsticks.

script(0.15) features everything in the old script but makes the cops switch to pistols if you get out any weapon that is not a melee weapon.

New in (0.16) Police now attack you with a nightstick at 1 and 2 stars if you are unarmed or using a melee weapon but try to arrest you using their guns if you are armed with a gun at 1 star.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

Drag file into scripts folder in GTA 5 directory.

Note:This script will be open source. This means that anyone is free to modify it and upload it. The only reason this script exists is because 5mith is a great guy and released his source code. I have never actually wrote anything for gta 5 nor wrote anything in visual basic before until I stumbled across 5mith's script. A big thanks to 5mith and I encourage all modders to release source code.
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