Причина блокування 2-day time-out for being an obstinate prick
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    @meimeiriver You can't threaten me, I don't need an account to download mods and I signed in purely to express my feelings about this mod.

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    Now you're deleting my comments because you stupid fucks don't enjoy being wrong. Hurray for censorship, gotta love it. A great tool for the delusional that want to keep living in the wrong.

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    @go-mango-superbird Then this is a perfect example of how realism ruins something rather than helps it. No one should prioritize realism if it makes it less enjoyable.

    Imagine playing RDR2 and Arthur manually picked up every single thing including the bullets on the ground from killed enemies.

    The game purposefully ignores realism in areas that improve the experience.

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    @GreenAid Excuse me, sir, please stand down, you're literally wrong. Tires have this thing called "Traction", and traction basically grips the car to the ground so it is stable and doesn't slide around everywhere.

    What do we see with this El Camino? We see it has literally no traction at all. Like the Drift Yosemite, it fails to do any turns at all. It just sits in place and repeatedly does donuts. And when you finally get it going forward, it can't take any turn whatsoever because it just slides across the road and slams into someone or something else. Or it does a complete 180.

    I like how you told me to check out how real cars drive when you were wrong before you even bothered replying. I don't understand why GTA V has drift vehicles to begin with. They are literally unusable even for casual use.

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    Bad. It drives like a drift yosemite.

    In other words, you have literally no control over it whatsoever and it slides around like the road is made out of ice. I have no clue what made you think this was a good idea.

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    I forgot to include that the mod semi-breaks for Michael right after the point where Jimmy steals Michael's previous Personal Vehicle.

    The mod ends up being completely unable to remove the New Personal Vehicle Michael gets, so when you spawn the one you save, there ends up being 2 Personal Vehicle markers on the map. And I don't know what causes it, but sometimes there ends up being 3, the 3rd marker being attached to literally any random vehicle that an NPC is driving so the marker follows them.

    These markers end up still showing up on the map even after switching to a different character.

    19 Листопада 2020
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    This works perfectly, however it has trouble saving Benny's vehicles. I use a mod that brings Benny's workshop to singleplayer, and this mod struggles to save them.

    Every single modification exclusive to Benny's transformed vehicles does not end up getting saved. So I spend money putting modifications like antennas or wipers or increasing the power of Hydraulics...

    And when I save and spawn the vehicle, these things do not get saved. The Chino Custom also sometimes spawns without a roof, which if I'm aware, you cannot even modify at all.

    19 Листопада 2020