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    Installed and working Jan 2022 with game version 1.0.2545.0, latest ScriptHookVDotNet (you do NOT need an older version), Real California Architecture.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR 100% WORKING WITH Real California Architecture:

    1. Install latest OpenIV, ScriptHookV, SciptHookVDotNet, Real California Architecture
    2. Place Dismemberment.dll, Dismemberment.ini, and DismembermentWeapons.cfg in your scripts directory
    3. Place DismembermentASI.asi ***AND dlc.rpf*** in your root GTAV directory (next to GTA5.exe)
    4. In OpenIV, open the dlc.rpf in your root GTAV dir and browse to x64/models/cdimages/props.rpf/
    5. Extract/Copy all files (props.ytyp and *.ydr) to a temporary folder (like on your desktop) you can now close the archive in OpenIV and delete the dlc.rpf you copied into your main GTAV folder.
    6. In OpenIV, enable Edit Mode and find your Real California Architecture folder and open THAT dlc.rpf (mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/rca/dlc.rpf) Keep going inside rca/dlc.rpf to x64/props.rpf/
    7. Drag and drop all files from the temporary folder on your desktop into the open props.rpf folder. None of them will conflict
    8. That's it! Now it's working with Real California Architecture and lastest versions of everything.

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    I wish this could also append and replace the various vehicles.meta and handling.meta files which are located all over the place for new and updated vehicles. It's good for replacing lots of original vehicles which use the original meta files, but new and updated metas are still a pain, located all over the place. If there was a mod to unify those, you would really have something special here.

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    I tested some different mod configs with GTA 1.0.2545.0, and a 1.0.2545.0 gameconfig:

    Visual V 1.0.530, then install WOV 10.1 with the updated gameconfig, or update gameconfig right after installation (then optionally you can install Vremastered: Enhanced 3.1, Forests of San Andreas: Revised 3.1) - STILL WORKS!! WOV 10.1 in 2022: still a go

    Redux 1.12, as soon as you install WOV 10.1 - does not work anymore (game crashes while loading SP). Gameconfig does not fix. Worked with GTA 1.0.2372.2, either do not update or do not use Redux (it contains stolen/uncredited mods from other authors, anyway)

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    @Brukanator I can fix the textures (and so can you) easily enough using OpenIV to delete the unused ones and export the rest and a bulk image editor like XnView to batch process 50 and 25% resizes then replace the oversized originals, but there's nothing I can do about the horrible LODs. The model author has to do that properly from the start or share their project file so someone else can do it.

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    Are these cars with added wipers compatible with the VehFuncs V mod or are they only usable with the Windscreen Wipers mod?

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    Most cars in the game force some amount of ground clearance without underbody collision, by default. This lets the tires & suspension do more with less "getting stuck" or snagged on ground items. In version 1.0 I set the DontForceGroundClearance flag because this is a very low car and I thought it more realistic. Although the offroad handling is great thanks to AWD, a stock Focus RS is still set up for on-road use and if you were to take it offroad with the stock suspension, it would be catching on the ground and scraping on rocks just like it does when you take it up a mountain in the game. However, there are other effects... like when you hit a median with a 4 inch curb at 165 mph you go FLYING into the air. This might actually happen if you were to do that in real life, too, but as funny as it is the first few times, it can become annoying because you don't expect it since most other cars won't do that. So, for the next update I will be turning that flag off. Please leave comments with any other suggestions.

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    This is the closest replacement I have found for a Warrener but it's still too customized to appear in traffic 1000 times and be believable. Sadge. I just wish someone would make a stock skyline in that same body style for traffic replacement. Actual great job though, at least the mods you did make sense. All the other similar skylines mods I found with a body style from that same era are slammed and cambered out, actually undriveable. Nothing against people who like stupid car mods, I just happen to have better taste than them and probably more folds in my brain matter.

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    @tmhhl Here is my handling.meta file stored in my vehicles archive. I had planned to upload this as a separate handling fix but instead I'll share it in a pastebin so you can try and incorporate it if you wish. https://pastebin.com/xhDGxbRu

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    @Larcius Thank you. That sounds safe enough, if anything in the DLC pack overrides a customization it's completely and easily reversible. Thank you for the response!