Realistic Handling For abdulla_kw's 69 Mustang Boss 302 1.5

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Version 1.5 changes the power level from crank horsepower to wheel horsepower, this means more accurate speeds and acceleration as well as a more realistic and more noticeable difference between automatic and manual transmissions. Also made a few other performance changes for increased realism.

Get the car from abdulla_kw here (Its an addon):

Unlike the straight line drag monsters of the muscle car era the 1969 and 1970 Mustang "Boss 302" package was designed to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am racing series. Much like the Chevy Camaro of the time both cars were well rounded mid size performance vehicles designed to blur the lines between a sports car and a muscle car, giving you a hefty amount of power while still retaining some sense of control and predictability. In addition to a unique stripe package and surprisingly effective aerodynamic upgrades the 69-70 "Boss 302" was equipped with a factory modified Ford 302 V8.
This relatively small V8 was specifically chosen over their more powerful yet much larger V8 engines such as the 351, 390 and 428. Hence, the Boss 302's advantage was power to weight ratio.
A few potent factory modifications over the standard 302 V8 included high flow cylinder heads from a larger 351C V8 with comparatively massive intake and exhaust valves for the smaller 302, high compression forged pistons, a solid lift mechanical camshaft making peak power at just over 6000 RPM, heavy duty forged crankshaft and connecting rods allowing racers to modify the engines to safely and reliably rev up to 8000 RPM, a dual plane intake manifold topped with a then state of the art Holly 780 CFM four barrel carburetor and last but not least a pair of high flow cast iron exhaust manifolds.
Advertised power was 290 HP @5200 RPM
Actual output is roughly 350 HP @6200 RPM.
When modified with just a proper high RPM cam output can vary from 380 to 470 HP depending on what RPM is achieved.
Installation instructions are included in the readme, I've include two transmissions to choose from, 3 speed auto and 4 speed manual.

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