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The go-to choice for security, the Gruppe Sechs's strength lies in numbers. From firefighters to off-duty cops and even former military men, Gruppe Sechs employs the biggest congregation of 21st century redshirts in comparison to their rivals. Almost a brand-name product in the security field, it's present wherever some good old armed collateral is needed.
Gruppe Sechs

Primarily notorious rather than renowned - for their fair share of high-profile robberies across the continent, Bobcat Security is a formidable option on the security market. The Midwest, its crime climate and a never-ending line of paying customers wanting to shield themselves from it, shaped Bobcat Security from a small-scale company into one of the behemoths in its line of work.
Bobcat Security

Safety first - human rights later. Merryweather Security is a private military and security company that doesn't beat around the bush - it beats the bush itself to a pulp. Billions of dollars in shady government contracts allows them to provide their workers (and by extension the customers) the best hardware money can buy. Not for the faint of wallet.
Merryweather Security

Their fleet may not the biggest one, but it gets the job done. And with striking red-and-black company colors you probably won't even notice the do-badders' blood and guts on the side if shit hits the fan. Lock & Load Security - it's in the name.
Lock & Load Security

One of the biggest players on the private security field in the 90s is making a comeback two decades later. In a financial slump and not as cutting edge in terms of hardware and transportation compared to its rivals, Chuff Security more than makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm...and the staff's dire financial prospects.
Chuff Security

Do not re-upload without author's permission. Do not ask for the ELS version. Do not use the mod for commercial, financial or personal gain. Please note me if you want to use the model for a FiveM server. If you are interested in using the models from this mod, feel free to contact me.

A large pack of lore friendly security vehicles. The pack consists of vanilla vehicles fitted with security liveries and equipment. Gruppe Sechs, Bobcat Security and Merryweather have been expanded in the pack, with more vehicles added to the fleet and brand new guards added to the roster. There are two security companies which are brought back from GTA San Andreas to make a return to the pack to please the nostalgic players: Lock & Load Security and Chuff Security, which were shown on the San Andreas rendition of the Securicar.

There is an optional file provided that adds some car generators for the vehicles in the pack so they will spawn naturally in some places. The file also modifies a couple buildings in Los Santos to be related to some security companies.

- g6caddy - Gruppe Sechs Caddy - Patrol Vehicle
- g6perennial - Gruppe Sechs Perennial - Patrol Vehicle
- g6buffalos - Gruppe Sechs Buffalo S - Escort Vehicle
- g6speedo - Gruppe Sechs Armored Speedo Express - Armored Valuable Transport Vehicle
- g6stockade - Gruppe Sechs Executive Service Stockade - Armored Valuable Transport Vehicle
- g6rcv - Gruppe Sechs RCV - Riot Control Vehicle
- bssurge - Bobcat Security Surge - Patrol Vehicle
- bsfugitive - Bobcat Security Fugitive - Escort Vehicle
- bsmesa - Bobcat Security Mesa - Heavy Escort Vehicle
- bshellion - Bobcat Security Hellion - Heavy Escort Vehicle
- bspony - Bobcat Security Pony - Alarm Security
- stockade2 - Bobcat Security Stockade - Armored Valuable Transport Vehicle
- mwstanier - Merryweather Security Stanier - Patrol Vehicle
- mwgresley - Merryweather Security Gresley - Patrol Vehicle
- mwgranger - Merryweather Security Granger - Patrol Vehicle
- mwpremier - Merryweather Security Premier - Patrol Vehicle
- llchavos - Lock & Load Chavos - Escort Vehicle
- llexecutioner - Lock & Load Executioner - Heavy Escort Vehicle
- llsteed - Lock & Load Steed 1500 - Armored Valuable Transport Vehicle
- chflokus - Chuff Security Lokus - Escort Vehicle
- chfseminole - Chuff Security Seminole - Heavy Escort Vehicle
- chfbrick - Chuff Security Brickade - Armored Valuable Transport Vehicle

- S_M_M_BWArmoured_01 - Gruppe Sechs Black & White Armored Guard 1
- S_M_M_BWArmoured_02 - Gruppe Sechs Black & White Armored Guard 2
- S_M_M_Security_03 - Bobcat Security Regular Guard
- S_M_M_Armoured_03 - Bobcat Security Armored Guard
- S_M_Y_AlarmWorker_01 - Bobcat Security Technician
- S_M_M_Security_04 - Chuff Security Regular Guard
- S_M_M_Armoured_04 - Chuff Security Armored Guard
- S_M_M_Security_05 - Lock & Load Regular Guard
- S_M_M_Armoured_05 - Lock & Load Armored Guard

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Model edits
- AlexanderLB - Textures
- AlexVonShep - Original inspiration
- Dani02 - Buffalo S, Hellion XL conversion and Speedo Express improvements
- CP - Perennial, Chavos, Brickade and Lokus conversions
- Monkeypolice188 - Improved Stockade and Pigeon Patrol
- Weeby - Armored vehicle parts
- TG_Stig - Speedo Express
- GCT - Hellion XL, Executioner, Steed 1500
- Lt.Caine - Mapped Granger and Fugitive
- Aquamenti - Mapped Premier
- Yager Development - Golf cart seat model
- Insomniac Games - Base model of the Pigeon
- 11john11 - Sirensetting and improved Buffalo S
- IlayArye - Fugitive improvements
- Voit Turyv - Lightbars
- Vx5 Voltage - Improved Buffalo S
- Yard1 - Mapped Gresley, Merryweather ped and Chuff ped
- Eddlm - Handlings
- MyCrystals! - Descriptions
- Sealyx and Valantè Luize Sushi - Screenshots

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 1.1 - Fixed the Dilettante and improved the vehicles.meta
- 1.2 - Added glass shards for all vehicles, improved several vehicles and the vehicles.meta
- 1.3 - Improved several vehicle models, including meta edits, liveries and the Gruppe Sechs Buffalo has been replaced by the S version
- 2.0 - Added one more security company with three vehicles and two peds, improved the metas and vehicle models and the Gruppe Sechs Dilettante is now considered as an add-on car
- 3.0 - Overhauled the entire pack with new concepts, designs, vehicles and peds
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