Texture for Jridah's Glock 17 1.2

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This is a darker/tan and improved texture for Jridah's new Glock 17.

I created this texture for personal use and tested it only with MVGA + ENB. It should look almost the same with other graphic mods or vanilla graphics - if it doesn't and you don't like it, you can always revert back to the original version.

This skin only works for Jridahs new Glock 17 and only for the standard glock, other attachments/slides included in the mod remain the same.

The Glock 17 by Jridah is originally intended to replace the MK2 variant, but by renaming the files you can easily use it in the pistol or pistol_luxe slot.

All textures included in this download also fix the issue of Jridah's Glock 17 being almost invisible after dropped by NPCs.


Changelog Version 1.2
-Added night sight version.

Changelog Version 1.1
- Added alternate versions, including: Dark slide, overall
darker texture, very dark texture, 2-tone tan version and an improved default skin.
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