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3D Logo created by CapatofMods.
Made especially for Pride Month, but remember, we should always be proud of ourselves, no matter what.

This mod's adds a customized Pride 3D Logo on a building facing the Legion Square and at the Ferris Wheel located at the pier.

If you are looking for more mods or have any doubts, just get in touch.
Discord: discord.gg/SaBcEcxsrf
Instagram: @CapatofMods


Installation Instructions for FiveM:
1) Go to your "resources" folder in your FiveM server's directory.
2) Inside of the "resources" folder, place the folder "pride3dlogo".
3) Go to your FiveM server's "server.cfg" file, edit and add "start pride3dlogo" and then save it.
4) Done!

Installation Instructions for Single Player:
1) You'll need a program called "OpenIV". If you don't have it, install and set it up.
2) With OpenIV, make sure you click "Edit Mode" at the top right.
3) Inside OpenIV, you need to create a new "mods" folder, if you already have this folder, continue to the next steps.
4) You want to copy all the content that's inside of the "update" folder. To do this, you want to click "GTA V" at the top left inside of OpenIV.
(Look for the folder called "update" on the right side, not the left column.)
6) Right click on the "update" folder and click "Extract", you want to extract it to your "mods" folder.
7) Take the "pride3dlogo" folder and place into OpenIV into the directory GTA V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/
8) Now using OpenIV, go to the directory OpenIV mods/update/update.rpf/common/data, then find the xml file called "dlclist.xml", with Edit Mode enabled you'll need to right click it and then Edit.
9) Add the line "dlcpacks:/pride3dlogo/" and once you have added this line make sure to click "Save".
10) Done!

If you need help installing contact us at our Discord Server
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