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Are you feel lonely in traversing. This mod provide partner/crush for your traversing. This mod inspired by Joker and Harley Quinn story. Partner in Crime.

How to Use:
- Launch your game and press J to show this mod menu.
If you want to change keys to show/hide menu you can edit on "Settings" from that's menu
You can edit ModSettings.json file in Scripts\PartnerInCrime and change "ShowHideMenuKey".
- Click "Propose" from that's menu to take nearby ped to be your partner.
- Click "Stop Cuddling" to make your player can be move again.
- Explore other features on that's menu!

- Drop all dll file to "Scripts" folder in your game directory
- Install these mods (Required for couple activity)

- Make stranger to be your partner/crush
- Do couple activity like: holding hand, princess carry, piggybacking, etc.
- Guarding (Your partner keep you from harm like fight who harming you)
- Give current weapon to your partner (from you or otherwise)
- Driver (Your partner be driver for you. Just be passenger and put waypoint in the map)
- Wardrobe (Customize your partner appearance)
- Singing with actual music

- Script Hook V
- Community Script Hook V .NET
- LemonUI

- Initial release

- Make it compatible with model changer mods and become ped mods
- Change UI layout
- Add player's piggybacking animation for piggybacking for other than our three protagonist
- Make piggybacking and carrying action to be persistance in vehicle
- Fix some issues in ped customization
- Fix some issues in partner's guarding action
- Fix some issues in player's "Be passenger" action
- Fix some issues in partner's entering vehicle action

- Make it support streamed ped
- Make piggybacking action can be switched to carrying action or otherwise in vehicle
- Change partner's guarding action behaviour
- Change partner's current weapon giving behaviour
- Fix some issues in going out action with ped on vehicle
- Fix some issues in player's "Be passenger" action
- Fix some issues in partner's entering vehicle action

- Make detecting enemy more wide
- Change keeping distance behaviour
- Fix some issues in carrying animation

- Add reviving action when partner is dead
- Make piggybacking can recover partner
- Make partner can shoot in piggybacking
- Add player stat infos in ped menu
- Change UI layout and design
- Fix some issues in "Separate" action
- Fix some issues in supporting model changing action

v1.6 Experimental
- Add Sing action
- Fix some issues in giving weapon action

- Make ped do piggybacking when jumping from air vehicle and diving
- Change UI layout and design
- Fix some issues in singing action
- Fix some issues in piggybacking action

Thank you for provide platform for modding to crosire & contributors, Alexander Blade, justalemon.
Thanks too to SapphireMods, Dollie, choukoxss for their animation pose that I use in this mod.
Thanks to alex189 & saldin93 that their Mai Shiranui, Noctis, and Cyberpunk-esque Custom Female Ped models that I use in this mod preview.
Thanks to Newtonsoft that's their dependencies that I use in this mod.
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