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    @DgtlBrandxn Hey there, thank you for letting us know, can I ask why it was deleted?

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    Yeah same here, I think I might have been banned, but not sure why, I was asking for advice on the Discord server, curious if it has been deleted or if I was banned...

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    This mod is so insanely cool, my rampages are that much more bad ass, so happy I discovered this, KILLER MOD!!! Thank you @nj5050 for recommending it!

    22 Листопада 2023
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    @nj5050 I tried to PM you yesterday and received this message "Error. This user has restricted their chat messages. They must follow you before you can chat with them" Yesterday I decided to try what you have just suggested, I have installed half my mods and will play as much as I can to begin the process of determining what mod is conflicting and causing issues. The issue is that even when fully overhauled, I can still have a five hour session with no crashes, like last Friday, or play for 10 minutes and experience a crash. Which leaves me thinking "Is the issue resolved? Or has the game just not crashed yet?" Anyway I will do my best to try whittle it down.

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    @nj5050 Damn, I just looked through both Gameconfigs, compared line by line and copied over only the highest values, played for 10 minutes and had a crash. The two I mentioned are the only two Gameconfigs I have ever used and they have always been solid, now something small and hard to find is going on to cause the issue and I just have no clue what it is! Is there any chance at all you would be willing to share your Gameconfig? I have no intention to upload anything I simply want a working game. I understand if you are uncomfortable with that though. At a loss as to what else I can try.

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    @nj5050 Thanks man, really appreciate your assistance. That Poolmanager mod I tried did nothing, pretty sure its outdated and just crashed my game.

    The Gameconfig I would ideally be able to use is this one here.


    I want to be able to play with multiplied traffic and pedestrian density. I have made no changes to the Gameconfig's values. If you enter the folder named 'For More Mods' then choose '3,5x trafic 3,5x ped' this is the file I am using. I have also used the below Gameconfig but it seems to have fixed nothing.


    Let me know if you need any further info like the mods I have installed, I have quite a lot of mods installed and no clue if my issues are caused by any of them unfortunately.

    My game version is 1.0.2845.0

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    @nj5050 Haha okay, I had to take a day to stop feeling sad about my GTA issues and play lots of Resident Evil 4. I just had a look and I have DirectX12 on my PC, my game is set to DX11 via GTAV's settings. When you say "Make sure your Directx profile is set on Directx11" are you referring to settings on my PC itself or in my game's settings?

    I do not believe I have any overclocking setup in place, which makes me think it might be my Gameconfig, I have only ever used Dilapidated's Gameconfig, with Cass's WoV population increase changes made to it, or with F7YO's 3.5X and 2.5X population density multipliers. My understanding is that these are the two most stable Gameconfigs to use, do you have any idea what changes I can make? I am not familiar with Gameconfig edits at all unfortunately.

    Im going to try this and see if it helps me at all...


    I have also removed these two lines from my dlclist.xml as per this guide https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/40231/how-to-fix-your-game-after-an-update


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    @nj5050 Damn what a shame, I had a session that was close to five hours, was really promising, and then I just played again for 30 minutes and it crashed, I have my Resource Adjuster set to 4200 and experimental mode set to 0, and I just checked my Packfile List Size and its set to 11784. Really feels like there is nothing else left to try.

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    @nj5050 Hey would you mind explicitly telling me what to look for in my Gameconfig so that I know what value to set my Packfilelimit INI to? I want to doubly sure I am setting this up correctly.

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    @nj5050 Hey really thanks for your help, trying this now, its been driving me crazy trying to pin point the issue so hopefully this is it, thousandth times the charm. Yes I have all the prerequisites under the sun and still no luck!

    Resource Adjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster, Heap Adjuster, Weapon Limits Adjuster, Box Streamer Variable & Decals Limit Patch, ZPatchV, Siren Setting Limit Adjuster and F7YO's Packfilelimit and Heap Adjuster INI Files. Also been using F7YO's & Dilapidated's Gameconfigs.

    Anyway, time to boot the game backup, fingers crossed...