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from the makers of the ClearTheWay Mod for GTA V comes this new mod just as helpful named IndicateMeV and if you get the "pun" in the name you will notice it is for making it more realistic in game to make AI vehicles act more like real life and make your own(players) vehicle indicators more useful to use and more lifelike!

it requires no key bindings like ClearTheWayV does since once you turn on your left or right blinker it makes AI not run into you and makes them obey lifelike road rules

and what is even better? they will stop behind you if they are behind you and let you complete your turn! they won't turn your car into a mess because of being GTA AI!

Install Instructions:
1.Put this DLL file in your ragepluginhook plugins folder
2. Enjoy

Changelog listing below:
Initial Release
Fixed Traffic issue with AI not stopping and causing accidents as reported

Important Notice below!
Currently this script conflicts with my ClearTheWayV script(which is found at https://mods.keyedinsoftware.org)
Unknown reason why
Cause still under investigation to figure out how to fix it.
Will be updated here once this is found out and resolved.
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